Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


15. Chapter 14

“What are you doing?”

“Getting up?” I responded rhetorically, grabbing my suitcase from yesterday and hunting inside for some fresh cloth to wear.
“But it’s early, you never get up this early.” Louis tired, husky like morning voice rang through my ears. I turned to look at him. His hair was stood up at ever-different angle.
“I’m not tired.” I lied, walking into the bathroom to shower.
“Natasha, are you alright in there?” Louis shouted through the door.
“Yeah, fine!” I answered. It occurred to me I had been in the bathroom for at least an hour now, no wonder why it looked weird. I dried myself before changing into some fresh cloth: I quickly applied some makeup over my tired face; I didn’t need Jenna seeing her plan working. Another thing, which irked me, was the fact the apparently staying here now. What happened to the apartment she kicked me out off?”
“Natasha!” Louis called out again.
“Yeah okay, I’m coming!” I shouted back as I gathered my things.
“I thought you’d been sucked down the plug or something.” Louis joked as he occupied the bathroom, leaving me along in the bedroom. I brushed out my hair before leaving the bedroom, sliding along the wooden hallway floor. I turned and walked into the kitchen, to my surprise I wasn’t the only one awake. Apparently everyone was up. I grabbed some Cookie Crips form the cupboard and a bowl from another, still aware of the stared I was getting.
“Natasha?” Zayn’s voice shocked me.
“Yeah?” My voice was slightly upbeat at the fact he was talking to me.
“That’s Jenna’s cereal.” He replied. I looked down at the box, I didn’t see a name or label anywhere on it. I grabbed a handful of the small delectable cookies and shoved them straight into my mouth, Jenna’s face was priceless.

“Natasha, didn’t you hear what Zayn said?” Harry snarled.
“Oh I heard alright.” I smirked before shoveling more into my mouth. I got the cupboard and walked into the lounge, the box of cereal still in my hand, and I sat on the sofa.
“Are you eating cereal out of a box?” He asked skeptically.

“Was.” I corrected before getting up.
“Where are you going?”

“Just out for a walk.”

“Can I come?”
“Sure.” I replied with a hasty smile.
“What was all that commotion about in the kitchen?”
“I ate Jenna’s cereal.” I replied smoothly. Our hands swinging back and for, linked together as we strolled through the nearby park, which was pretty much empty, lucky.

“Why did you do that?” Louis asked, a serious tone prominent.

“It’s just cereal, why does it matter?” I raised an eyebrow.

“How would you feel if someone ate your cereal?”
“Why does everybody want to make a fuss about me eating cereal, she can get some more. And why does she get her own?”

“You sound like a five year old right now.”

“She is literally the most annoying person in this universe.” I mumbled, pulling my hand out of his.

“What was that?”

“Nothing.” I huffed.
“Don’t get mad at me, you’re the one who ate her cereal.”

“Fine, I’ll get her some more, happy?” I stopped to look at him.

“Good girl.” He subtly grinned before grabbing my hand again.  “Glad to be home?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“You guess?”

“We haven’t been back long, I’m just tired.” I muttered a reply.
“If you say so.”
“I do.” I smiled up at him as we headed further into the park. We continued to walk in our silence, hands still linked together tightly, like two jigsaw pieces. My head only looked up when I heard voices in the distance. I stopped dead when I heard a peculiar voice. My eyes widened at the sound.

“What’s up?” Louis asked over the other voice.
“Shut up!” I hissed, he looked taken back but I was adamant it was the voice of something, someone I needed.

“What?” He stammered out. I glared at him. My eyes widen as the only sound I heard was footsteps running. I spun around in circles, frantically trying to find out which direction they came from. I saw a blurry figure disappearing into the abyss. My natural instinct was to run after the sound and the figure.

“NATASHA!” Louis called out. I ignored his calls, I could hear his heavy footsteps directly behind me which cause me to lose concentration on the original sound. The sound was beginning to disappear, I couldn’t find them.
“Where did they go?”
“Where did she go?” I cried out even quitter this time. My face curried deep within my hands as tears began to pour.
“Natasha?” Louis sounded worried.
“She was right here, I know she was.” I whimpered.
“Who Natasha? Who was here?” He sounded very concern now.

“My sister.” I croaked.

“What?” His voice almost sounded angry as he spat his reply at me.

“I saw her, I heard her!” I argued back.
“Natasha, you’re seeing things.” He sighed.

“I know what I saw!” I pleaded, begging for him to believe me.

“Natasha, is was probably your imagination.”

“It wasn’t!” I began to raise my voice, somehow I don’t think he was going to believe me.

“I didn’t see or hear anything though.”

“But I did.” My voice beginning to sound timid again.

“Maybe it was someone else.” He replied softly this time.

“It wasn’t.” I whimpered.

“Let’s get you back home, you look like you need another shower.” I stated at him as he waited for me to take his hand again. By the time we got home we had barely spoke more than two sentences to each other.
“I’m gonna go lie down.” I mumbled to Louis, letting go of his hand.

Louis’ POV
“What’s up with her?” Zayn asked.

“I don’t even know anymore.” I sighed. “Where’s Jenna?”

“Out shopping with a friend.” Harry replied.

“Where did you go?” Niall mused.

“To the park.” My voice lacked any sort of enthusiasm.
“Have fun?” Zayn chuckled, detecting my unimpressed mood.

“Fun? Not quite.” I sighed, opening my eyes to look at them all.

“Lovers tiff?” Liam asked.

“No, I guess not?” I asked rhetorically.
“What happened?” Harry questioned.

“I Don’t’ really know what happened, she just took off.”

“She took off.” Niall repeated.
“Yeah.” I mumbled
“Any particular reason why? Harry quizzed.

“She said she heard someone and claimed she saw them to.” I replied.

“Her sister.” I spoke looking around at all their faces.

“What?!” Harry spoke up.
“She was convinced, she was running after this sound for ages.”
“Louis, your girlfriend is losing it.” Zayn contemplated.

“You even think so yourself don’t you?” Harry asked. “Just break up with her.” He added, no emotion in his voice at all. “You’re thinking about it aren’t you.”

“Harry.” I sighed, asking him to shut up.
“Look, it’s clear to see you’re not happy anymore, maybe it’s for the best.” He replied, patting my shoulder as he walked out the room. I sat in silence whilst the other boys conversed in a different conversation. Would it really be for the best if I broke up with Natasha?


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