Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


14. Chapter 13

“Harry, please do something.” Jenna whined.
“Jenna, I can’t do anything, it’s no my fault this is how the seating hot arranged.” Harry whispered back in order not disturb the other passengers.
“Can’t someone swap or something? She continued.
“It’s too late, it doesn’t matter, just go to sleep, you don’t even have to look at her.” `her´ what a nice way to address me Harry, I thought.
“It’s not fair.” She grunted slamming herself back in her seat. Harry could do so much better, but I guess when you’re in love you’re supposedly blind to numerous things, I wonder if one of them is that your girlfriend is a completely backstabbing bi-
“Cabin crew seats for take off.” My rambling thoughts were cut off.

I pushed open the lid of my computer and waited for the start up screen to appear. Jenna's eyes were watching my every more, I could feel her burning holes in the side of my face.
“Can I help you?” I smirked at her; she huffed in response and turned away from me. My heart lurched into fast-forward as I saw `Louis and Natasha´ the second highest trending topic worldwide. Apparently the paparazzi had a field day when they saw me and Louis holding hands through the airport. I really should have seen this coming.

“Looks like you little secret isn’t much of a secret anymore.” Jenna whispered in my ear, flicking a bit on my own hair in my face.
“It’s a good job we decided we didn’t want to hide it anymore then isn’t it?” I grinned at her, no in a happy manner-
“Enjoy the death threats.” She smirked whilst she began filling her nails.
“You should have a little more respect for their fans.” I whispered to her, no even turning to look at her.
“Why? They shouldn’t be se nosey.” He voice sounded so relax. “It’s out relationships not theirs.” She grunted.
“You wouldn’t understand.” I sighed. My cursor was hovering over the tweet box but instead I clicked on the most recent tweet on my timeline; Louis’
`New York was fun, heading back home with the boys and yes, Natasha x´
Subtle, yet obvious. Was that his way of telling the world about us? I’m sure if I tweeted; `Luv my boyfriend so much @Louis_Tomlinson xxx´ I would probably likely annoy over half of the fans so I decided to tweet this:
`England I’m coming back for you! :D´
I sent out my first tweet. My fingers took me over the interactions tab, scanning though my mentions they all seemed to be asking the same thing; are you dating Louis? So I bit my lip and typed away
`I am indeed in a relationship´
My tweet didn’t state the obvious but I’m pretty curtain you could clearly tell at what I was hinting.
“HOME SWEET HOME!” Niall shouted as we all piled back into our house. As soon as we stepped off the plane paparazzi were hammering question down mine and Louis throats.
I lunged my heavy suitcase through the house, Jenna watched me tussle since Harry was struggling to heave hers in.
“Get our own bed back at last.” Louis called out.
“Can’t wait.” I replied. “Louis, what did you do to the place before you left?” I gasped, walking amongst mess left in his room.
“Last minute packing.” He chuckled, taking my suitcase from my hands.

“Now you help.” I smirked.

“Someone need to hit the gym.” He winked.
“But effort.” I whined, flopping down on the bed.

“You know what I find weird.” Louis asked joining me after closing the door.
“What?” I turned my face to look at him.
“I find it weird when people have a mirror above their beds, why would you want that?”
“Maybe it’s just what some people are into.”

“Would you ever put one there?”
“No, I don’t think I’d like to see myself…” I trailed off. “Sleeping.”
“Sleeping, of course.” He winked. “I saw your tweet.” He randomly spoke.
“I know.”

“I guess the world know now.2
“Isn’t this what you wanted?”

“Yeah, it just feels weird having the world knowing everything about my life.” He sighed, resting his eyes.

“They don’t know everything. And don’t worry, it won’t change their opinion on you.” I tried to comfort him.
“I’ll get used to it.”

“Do you think the boys will ever talk to me properly again?” I asked seriously.
“Their boys, they’ll get over it soon.” He vaguely replied. “I’m going for a shower.”

“Okay.” I mumbled, barely awake. I remained lifeless on the bed until someone knocked on the door.
“Come in!” I called out.
“Where’s Louis?” I sat up at the sound of Niall’s voice.
“Shower, why?”

“We’re out of food.”

“What a surprise.”
“You don’t have any food do you?” He had now fully entered the room.


“Maybe?” He repeated.

“On one condition.”


“Stop ignoring me.” I practically pleaded.

“I haven’t been ig-”
“Niall.” I cut him off sternly.
“Okay, okay but seriously where is the food?”
“I’ve only got a couple of bags of chips and some biscuits.” I mumbled.
“Gimme gimme!” He shouted, charging over.
“Remember our agreement.” I raised my eyebrows at him.
“Okay, I get it. No more not talking to you now can I please have some food before my stomach eats itself?”

“Ew.” I laughed. “Don’t forget.” I shouted before he ran out of the room, treasuring the food like gold.
“What’s going on?” Louis voice made me jump. I spun around to be greeted with my boyfriend, dripping wet only a towel wrapped around with waist. “You’ll catch flies soon.” He joked, closing my mouth for me. “So, what did I miss?”

“Oh, Niall on the hunt for food.” I nodded.

“Did he talk to you?”
“Yes…” I drew out.

“See, told you it wouldn’t last long.”

“He only spoke to me because I had food, I don’t think that’ll work with the others.”
“Natasha, just be patient.” Louis commanded, grabbing my hips so I was forced to look at him.
“I don’t see why I need to win back my friends, I didn’t do anything.”
“I know you didn’t do anything.” He sighed. “You’re probably overthinking because you’re tired, c’mon let’s go to bed.”
“Maybe.” I mumbled, walking over to my wardrobe and pulling out some pajamas: I combed my hair before sauntering back into the bedroom and climbing into bed with Louis.
“Night.” He whispered.
“Night.” I replied, rolling over. His arms weren’t wrapped round my waist like they used to.


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