Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


13. Chapter 12

Natasha’s POV
“Hey Cass.” I smiled and waved at the energetic woman bouncing around the final venue. Cass was part of the crew.

“Last day on tour, last day of tour!” She kept repeating as she circled around anyone in the close proximity.
“Someone seems excited.” I chuckled as she grabbed hold of my hand.
“Natasha, I forgot to tell you something.” Cass announced.
“What?” I grinned, hoping it was something good.
“Rian’s coming back for the final show.” She beamed.
“Really that’s so sweet.” I gushed, my grin matching hers.
“You can say your goodbyes to the boys before you head back over to tea and crumpet land.” She mused.
“They’re all coming?” I gasped.

“They’re already here!” She practically shouted before charging off in a different direction.
“Hi.” I smiled at Jack as he made his way over, straight towards me.

“Hey Natasha, you’re still here?” He joked as he pulled me into a tight hug. His bear hugs were unimaginably perfect.
“Still alive and kicking.” I replied as we let each other go.

“Get up to any mischief on tour?”

“Me? No…” I sarcastically replied.
“Who’s being causing trouble?” Alex cut in as he joined us.
“No one.” I chuckled.

“She’s a little monster, remind us to never take her on tour.” Jack joined causing me to playfully hit him.
“Can’t beat a bit of mayhem.” Alex replied.

“Excuse me Natasha, I do believe Alex wanted to hug me.” Jack jested.
“Human sandwich!” Alex shouted before enveloping Jack too, squishing me in the middle, until I heard a sudden cough. I quickly wriggled my way free when I realize who it was, Louis.
“Louis, this is Alex and Jack.” I awkwardly spoke. “They’re half of All Time Low. Alex, Jack, this is my boyfriend Louis. He’s in the British boy band One Direction.” I stood rocking on the back of my heels.
“Nice to meet you, she’s a keeper.” Alex joked.
“I know.” Louis grimily replied.
“Louis.” I harshly whispered, glaring at him.

“Uh. Nice to meet you?” Jack awkwardly spoke towards Louis as e shook his hand.
“Well we’re off to get some food, we’ll see you at the show later.”
“Okay, see you later.” I waved at both of them, as they walked away. “What the hell?!” I spat at Louis.
“What?” He responded, trying to act innocent.
“Did you have to be so rude to them?”

“I wasn’t being rude.” He tutted before taking as seat. “You were the one who was all over them.”
“Did you listen to what I said over there? I was pretty annoyed at his point. “Obviously not. You were to busy scowling at them.”
“I was not.”

“I saw you.”

“Maybe you should pay attention to you boyfriend rather than two random guys who look like they’re practically homeless.” Jenna intervened, chuckling at her comment.

“Insult me? I’ll get over it but insult them, that’s a whole new level.” I growled.
“Gonna slap me again.” She mused.
“No, it’s just hot in here.” I lied, pretending to fan my face.
“It’s like a freezer here.” She replied.
“Maybe because you’re barely clothed.” I muttered.

“Natasha.” Louis hissed, pulling me on his lap.
“What?” I whispered back.

“What happened to getting along?”
“Sorry, I forgot.” I replied sarcastically. “Sorry Jenna.” I flashed her a fake smile before pulling myself off Louis’ lap.
“NATASHA!” A few of the crew members were calling out to me.
“I better go.” I mumbled to everyone before walking off.
“What’s the frown on your face for?” Sam, one of the crewmembers chuckled.
“I’m not frowning, just thinking.” I turned my head up to look at him.
“Natasha, I heard you went skinny dipping in Miami!” Jack shouted out.

“Of course I did!” I joked back, walking closer to him. “Who told you that anyway?” I asked as I approached them.
“I have my people.” He winked.

“You might want to speak to those people because something tells me they’re not very good at their job.” I winked back.
“Cheeky.” He grinned, rubbing my hair like a dog.

“I better go, sound check to do.” I smiled sincerely at him and the other before walking away, towards the stage.
“Ready to rock out for the last time?” Sam questioned.

“Technically it’s second to last.” I smirked back. “Is my guitar all hooked up ready?”
“Ready and raring to go.”

“Sweet, let’s get this show in the road.” I said going on stage. This time I had decided to wear
“New york city you have been amazing as always!” I said going backstage to get ready to leave.
“Great show hun, see you later. I would hug you but…” Maria joked as she complimented me.
“I understand.” I chuckled as I waved her off. I couldn’t help but skip along the halls, my eyes fixated on my shoes as I continued looking for a shower.
“Holy mother fu-” I shouted but managed to cut myself.

“Only me.” Louis chuckled in my ear.

“Oh.” I hastily replied, wriggling free from his tight grip.

“What’s up?” He asked genuinely.
“Uh, why did you just bear hug me in the middle of the corridor?” I asked skeptically.
“Am I not allowed to hug my girlfriend?”

“I don’t know, you were pretty pissed at me earlier”

“I wasn’t annoyed.”
“Then what was that back there?”
“I guess I just saw you with another guy and you know how guys get when they see their girl with someone else.” He replied vaguely.

“Where you jealous?”
“That’s another way to put it.” He mumbled barely audible.
“Louis, Alex has a girlfriend and Jack isn’t my type. They’re my idols and friends but were’ nothing more. I would never cheat on you.”

“I know, I don’t know what came over me. Jenna just said how much you loved them before so I just assumed-”
“Wait, you believed Jenna?”

“She know you better than I do, what am I supposed to believe.”
“One, you’re my boyfriend, aren’t you supposed to believe me? Two, you know more about me than Jenna so what ever she says probably isn’t true. Why don’t you get that? What happened while I was away?”
“Nothing happened!” He spoke louder this time.
“But you’re acting different, she must have said anything.”

“She didn’t say anything that would make me think of you any differently.”
“So she said something?”
“Yeah, all she said was you have a bad reputation with guys, you pretend to be friends with people just to use them and abuse them. She told me what happened in your meeting with Zack, how you could barely play your guitar because you were too upset because the guy you slept with that night left you before you woke up, she told me how you play the my family is dead card to earn sympathy and she told me you’re not to be trusted.” He rambled on. I couldn’t believe it.
“And you believed her?” I choked out.

“I didn’t but after I saw you slap her and with Jack and Alex I began to question things.”
“Louis listen to me.” I snapped. “I don’t have a bad reputation with guys, hell talking to a guys is hard work for me, I’m more awkward than the awkward turtle himself. I don’t have many friends, why would I abuse them? My friends are the only family I have, I can’t believe you would think I would do that. You know how nervous I get, preforming in front of Zack, the nerves got the better of me. I didn’t sleep with a guys that night, and I don’t sleep with anyone unless I’m in a relationship with them, which doesn’t often happen. Lastly, no one really knows my family is dead, except for you boys and Jenna, so how the heck could I play that trick?!” The tears were now free falling from my eyes. “Do you believe me yet?” I squeaked out.

“I…” He trailed off.
“How may times do I have to say this? I love you I would never lie to you.” I sniffed as I began to look at him.
“I love you too.”

“But not enough to believe me.”
“I do believe you.”

“But you believed her first.”

“You girls are very confusing.”

“No, it’s you boys making it confusing, I’m not doing anything.”
“Natasha.” He hushed. “It’s okay, I understand now. Let’s just move on okay?” He whispered into my ear.

“Let’s go celebrate your last night on tour.” He replied gently kissing my lips. I wasn’t ready to let Jenna completely win, yet.

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