Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


12. Chapter 11


“For a walk.” I vaguely replied.

“You should have called!” Maria was losing it with me.
“Sorry.” I mumbled, still avoiding looking at her.
“You were gone eight hours, no contact at all and all you an say is sorry?!”
“Sorry, what else do you want me to say?” I grumbled, pushing past her and going to the suit.
“You should pay more respect to the one who looks after you.” Jenna snarled into my ear as I walked past her and the boys.
“Is that what you mum says to you?” I smirked at her.
“At least I have a mum.” She growled.
“Ignore her.”

“Oh now you stick up for me.” I turned to face Louis who had a tight grip around my arm.
“Are we fighting?” His voice sounded concern.
“I don’t know, are we?” I mused, raising an eyebrow up at him.

“We’re going for a walk.” He demanded rather than asked.
“Are you sure I’m allowed?”

“Your mouth is going to get you in trouble soon.”

“I’m always in trouble, what’s the difference?” I sighed.

“We’ll be back in an hour.” Louis shouted out as we left.
“Won’t you get spotted by fans or paparazzi?” I tilted my head look at him.
“It can’t remain a secret for ever.” He replied without any thought.
“Wait, what? I thought you didn’t want the public to know.”
“They’d fine out sooner or later.” I was getting slightly worried. “I don’t like having to hide my love for you.” He added before pecking my lips. “Red looks good on ya darling.” His English accent was shining through.
“It really doesn’t.” I chuckled. “So where are we going?” I asked.
“Dinner, I’m starving.”
“Coulda fooled me.” I jested, pocking his stomach.
“Leave the babies alone.” He laughed, rubbing his chest.
“Okay…” I frowned.

“Do you like pizza?”

“Louis, what sort of question is that?” I gasped.
“Okay, pizza it is.” He chuckled as he led me inside a restaurant. “Table for two please.” He questioned the waiter.

“Certainly. Follow me.” He instructed, waving us in his direction with a set of menus. “Someone will be back over in a minute to take your drink order.”
“Okay, thanks.” I replied to waiter before fixating my eyes on the menu, but shortly closed it.
“Decided already?”


“What are you having?”

“My favorite, cheese and ham pizza.” I beamed.
“I should of guessed.” Louis laughed softly. “I don’t know weather to get pasta or pizza...”
“Get both?” I suggested.
“I’m not Niall.” His response caused us to laugh.

“I don’t know where that boys puts is all.”
“In his pot of gold.”
I wouldn’t be surprised.”
“I’m thinking the spaghetti looks nice.”

“Well get it then.”
“But then a pepperoni pizza would go down a treat.”
“You’re worse than a girl choosing a pair of shoes.”

“I’m not that bad.” He gasped.
“Really?” I grinned, raising my eyebrows back up at him.
“I’ll get the spaghetti then, happy?”

“Can I get you guys any drinks?” A different waiter appeared.

“Can I get a chocolate milkshake please?”

“Of course, I’ll bring them over when they’re ready.”

“Chocolate milkshake?” Louis skeptically asked.
“You’re not five.”

“Age is but a number.”

“How did I get so lucky?” He mumbled but  I could hear.

“I don’t think being in a plane crash would be something I consider lucky?”
“That’s not what I meant. And about early, just ignore Jenna.”

“It’s kinda hard when you’re all sticking up for her.” I replied.

“Are you still upset about that?”
“I’m not exactly happy about it.” I don’t think my sarcasm was making anything better.
“You know you had us all worried today.” He responded.

“You mean you weren’t busy fussing about Jenna, or should I say Jen today?”
“You really are miss grouchy today. You know she’s isn’t really that bad.”
“Did you really just say that?” I groaned, pulling on the ends.
“You should at least give her a chance.”
“Louis, you’re the one who told me to leave her.”

“I didn’t know her properly then.”
“And you do now?”

“She’s dating my best friend.”

“You heard what she said to me earlier, how can you still think she’s nice?” I snapped back. “What did she say about me while I was away?”
“What do you mean?”

“She told me she spoke to you all about me, she told you stuff.”
“She didn’t tell us anything, why do you think she would say that? Are you sure that’ what she said?”
“Absolutely sure, right before she slapped me.”
“Don’t you mean before you slapped her?” His face showed confusion but his voice told another story.
“Louis.” I sighed. “I didn’t slap her.”
“I saw you, we all saw you.”
“No you didn’t. Did you actually see me slap her? Think back, did you see my arm swing through the air and hit her face and make a harsh sound? Hmm?”
“No but your hand was on her face.”

“It doesn’t mean I slapped her.”
“Why was it there then?”
“Louis, I didn’t slap her. She put my hand on her face as part of her scheming plan. Will you please believe me? I love you, why would I lie to you?”

“I’m sorry, I guess I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.”
“Do you believe me?” My voice was barely audible.

“I know you wouldn’t like to me.”

“Thank you.” I tried to smile but my lips were still quivering.
“So what did you do all day? Whilst I worried about whether someone had kidnapped you or something.”

“Is that seriously all you did all day?”

“I’ve been stalking your twitter all day waiting for you to say something, you didn’t answer a single text from anyone and no one had seen you around. Where did you go?”
“Here and there?” He repeated suspiciously.
“I got a coffee first so I could calm down before I went all Assassins Creed on everybody.”
“I could imagine you just ploughing through everybody on the streets.” He joked, causing me to grin.
“I then went to a video games store and played Pokémon for about an hour.”
“You never cease to amaze me.” I raised my eyebrows at him. “Carry on.”
“I rummaged around an old record store for a couple hours. I even found a vinyl copy of All Time Low’s first ever album.”

“Did you buy it?” He cut me off.
“No, I didn’t have enough money on me.”

“How much was it?”

“About five hundred bucks.”

“Are you serious?”
“Yeah, you can’t even buy it on CD, let alone on vinyl.”

“Wow, I didn’t know they were that good.”

“I’ll take you to one of their shows one day. You can experience them first hand.” I beamed.
“I’d love to see why they influence you so much.”
“Even if you don’t like their music, the feeling of being part of the crowd, the family makes you feel on top of the world.” I gushed.
“I wonder if our fans feel the same way.”
“I’m sure if you’d ask just one person who went to one of your shows they’d say the same thing.”

“Really?” He seemed quite surprised by my response.

“Really.” I smiled proudly. “I would know, I’ve been to your shows, I’ve seen you preform.”

“You weren’t even in the crowd.”
“Exactly. I didn’t have to be. Now imagine how they all felt. That one night they saw you live could have been the best moment of their lives. Who knows how long they were counting down the days.”
“Your really know what to say to make me feel all gushy inside.” He chuckled, reaching his arm across the table to lace his fingers with me
“I’m only telling you the truth, as always.” I added.

“It’s good.” I grinned, savoring every bite.
“Agreed.” He replied, a moth full of food.
“Attractive.” I joked, winking at him.
“You love it really.” He winked back.
“You? Yes. Your eating habits? No.”

“I guess I can live with that and I’m sure this whole thing with you and Jenna will soon blow over.”

“Yeah, of course.” I replied, laughing sarcastically

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