Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


11. Chapter 10


“Uh?” My head snapped towards Maria who was waving her hand in front of my face, laughing in the process.
“We’re here.”
“Oh right, miles away.”
“I know.” She replied. “Well I’m off back onto the good ole bus, not all of us have mega rich boyfriends.”
“He did offer to pay for a room for you.”

“I know but it didn’t seem fair and anyway, the bus is better than some places I’ve stayed in before.”

“Whatever you say.”

“anyway, business tuff to do but good luck with sorting things out, I’m sure everything will be fine. He’s probably on his man period.”
“If only suck thing existed.”

“Stop worrying and get your butt up there.”

“Yes miss.” I grinned before walking off towards the hotel entrance.
“Look who’s returned.” Jenna smirked, blocking the doorway with her arm.

“Can you let me in, please?” I replied, stressing the word please.
“Why should I after this morning?” She snarled.
“Because this is my room too.” I stated matter of factly.
“You seriously get on my nerves so much.”

“Now we have something in common.” I smirked at her as I ducked under her arm and glided into the hotel room along the marble floor. “Where is everyone?”

“I gathered that.”

“Why should I tell you anyway.”

“Um maybe because they’re my friends and Louis also happens to be my boyfriend.”

“Oh right, boyfriend.” The evil glare in her eyes appeared.

“What do you mean by that.”
“Oh nothing.” Her evil smirk appeared on her face.
“You’re up to something.” My eyes narrowed at hers as we stepped closer together until we were in touching distance.

“Says who?”

“Says you literally charade this morning.”

“It’s not my fault you have butter fingers.”
“Maybe I wouldn’t have butter fingers if you didn’t kick me.”

“Oh Natasha, Natasha, Natasha, you can’t just blame your problems on everyone else.” She replied.
“Excuse me?” I scoffed. “You kicked me which caused me to drop the syrup.”

“So what if I did?” She laughed as if she was proud of herself.
“Jenna what are you up to?”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She was playing the dumb act. I was starting to think she wasn’t bipolar, just losing it.
“There are a lot of things I don’t understand.”

“Enlighten me.” She responded, sitting on the sofa.

“I don’t understand how you managed to get Harry to be your boyfriend for a start.”


“I have a boyfriend.”
“For  how much longer though?” She muttered.
“I’m going to ignore that comment.” Jenna tutted at my reply. “Why do you hate me so much? Is it because I didn’t take you on tour? Are you still not over that?”

“I did so much for and that’s how you repaid me.”

“I get it but I don’t need someone watching over me all the time.”

“Oh really, so what about this Maria person?”

“She’s my manager, it’s different.”

“Tsk, of course it is.”

“Anyway, you never treated me like you wanted me with you. You were hardly ever home.”
“THAT’S BECAUSE I HAD THIS THING CALLED A JOB!” Her voice had now multiplied in decibels.



“I’d be happy doing that.”
“Really? You’d really be happy doing that?”

“It’s better than nothing and it wasn’t all a bad.”

“Well why don’t’ you just go back working there, I’m sure no one would really be too bothered if you just disappeared from the industry.”

“That’s a lie.”
“I put a roof over you head, I cooked you meals, I let you wear my clothes, I got you a spot on a sold out tour preforming for thousands and then you tell me to get out of your life.”

“You did a lot for me.” I admitted. “But you weren’t always the nicest person with me.”

“You know I can’t help that.”

“You only ever seem to act like that around me. It’s as if I annoy you, anger you or something. I’ve never seen you once kick of around someone else. I used to feel like your personal punch bag.”
“I never punched you.” He voice ripped through my ears.
“Jenna you  slapped me, kicked me and even bit me, how do you explain that?”
“It’s not like I did that on purpose, you’re just trying to make me look bad.”

“Making you look bad won’t get me anywhere but apparently making me look bad brings you a whole lot of satisfaction.”

“Indeed it does, you need a taste of you own medicine.”

“Please don’t tell me the only reason you’re dating Harry is because you want to get your own back on me.”
“What goes between me and Harry is none of your business, okay?”
 She whispered harshly into my ear, so I gulped in response as she remained in her position. “OKAY?” She shouted this time.
“Okay.” I timidly replied, moving my head away from hers.
“You can’t control me, Harry isn’t going to want to take you everywhere.”
“We’ll soon see about that.”

“Before I forget, what did you do to them while I was away?”

“What do you mean?” Her voice coming over all sweet and soft again.
“Why do they all of a sudden like you?”
“You mean Louis? Why is Louis sticking up for me.”
“That’s exactly what I mean.”
“Well while you were away I got to know the boys and Louis, you know he’s a very nice boy.”

“I am fully aware of that, he is my boyfriend.”
“So you keep saying. And all I did was tell him a few things.”
“What did you tell him?”

“Just the truth.”

“The truth? Like what? He already knows everyone about me.”
“Everything?” She girnned.
“Yeah, what did you tell him?” I spat out.
“If he knows everything then I’m sure it’s nothing.”

“Have you made stuff up?”

“Who me? She laughed. “I have told white lie here and there, nothing too harmful.”

“Clearly not, he said he loved me the other night.”
“Oh really?”
“Yeah, I have the duck to prove it.” I realized how weird that sounded.
“Freak.” She muttered.
“Whatever you’re doing Jenna it won’t work.”

“But Natasha, it already is.” I didn’t know how to respond to that. “Let’s see how long Louis is in love with you for now.” She grinned.
“You leave me and Louis alone.”

“Or what, you’ll go tell mummy, oh wait.” She laughed.
“That’s low.” I replied trying to remain composed.
“Seriously, what are you gonna do? Slap me?” She eagerly replied, grabbing my hand in the process. “Right here.” She smirked as she placed my hand on her face.
“I wouldn’t smack you, I don’t stoop that low.” I growled in her face. Her hand flinched away from mine unexpectedly, at first I thought I scared her off but I was sooo wrong.
“It’s not what it looks like.” I tried to defend myself.
“She just kept slapping me.” She whined.

“There isn’t even a mark on you.”

“Natasha, what were you thinking?” Louis pulled me away form the scene and stared me straight in the eyes.
“I didn’t do anything, she’s not everything she says she is. She slapped me, isn’t there a mark or something?!”

“We all saw you.”

“No what you saw was my hand on her face, did you actually see me slap her?”

“Natasha.” He sighed.

“You know what forget it, believe her, it’s not like I’m your girlfriend or anything.” I pushed him aside and stormed towards the door.

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