One day

Zoey and her 5 bestfriends: Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis and zayn all have to start on this private school. This new girl, Angela, from Europe starts there as well. Angela is zoey's new room mate. Written by Hannah and Anne- IG: liams_tasty_cum


1. the start of something new

One Day

By: Hannah and Anne

Zoey’s P.O.V.

“Cause I wanna wrap you up Wanna kiss your lips I wanna make you feel wanted” me and Harry sang loudly. Were on are way to Aldenham Academy summer has just ended and time for the hell hole called school to start. Me and Harry have been friends since 5th grade when are parents forced us to go to Aldenham. They thought public schools were bad influences on us. In my opinion boarding schools are worse then public but am I going to tell them that HELL NO.

“Oh my god I can’t believe we are Juniors one more year and we are out of here aaaaaahhhhhhh” I screamed while rolling down the windows.

“ I know it’s crazy! It feels like just yesterday we started here!”

We were best friends from the start always laughing and gossiping together. “Oh my god there it is I hope the boys are already here I’ve missed them so much!” I scream. Harry parks the car in are official parking space we got last year. I’m so excited and can’t stand it I can tell Harry is to he’s smiling like crazy. The two have more than just a friend relationship with these ‘boys’. They are literally my life line you know how middle school is the drama is crazy well it got to me. But they helped me get pass the cutting and bulimia. Ugh just thinking back to those days gives me cold chills. Harry and are unpacking the car when somebody wraps their arms around my waist picking me up into the air. “AAAAHHHHH” I scream they put me down and all I hear is laughing. “I wander who that is?” I jump up into the air spinning around fast to see my one of my bestest friends. “ZAYN, my boy what’s going on?” I ask. “Not much babe just been sitting here waiting on you all. Now can I have one of your amazing kisses I’ve waited for all summer?” Zayn says with a huge smirk on his face. I stand on my toes and kiss his check. “Thanks babes I’ve missed you so much and Harry my brother how was your summer?” Zayn and Harry hug real fast, then harry responds in no time “amazing as always cause I get to spend my time with Zoey 24/7.” “Why Why cant I come live with you all I get so bored with my sisters.”

Now I feel somebody’s hands on my eyes then a wet sloppy kiss being placed on my forehead as they quickly turn me around “guess who?!” they whisper. I would know that voice anywhere but let’s have some fun why don’t we. “OMG ITS THAT REALLY POPULAR GUY CLAYTON I KISSED EARLIER TODAY!!” I scream. “ no its Niall AND WHAT YOU KISSED CLAYTON BEFORE ME HE’S A DICK.” Niall yells seriously while the rest of us die laughing. “No Nialler why would I kiss clayton anyway only person that’s got one is Zayn.” Niall’s face get’s really red and starts pouting cause he hasn’t got a kiss. So I wrap my arms around his neck pecking his lips. “WHAT HE GETS A KISS AND I JUST GET A CHECK KISS SO NOT FAIR!” Zayn yells at me. “sorry babe I’ll give you something special later” I say. His face lights up and he starts pumping the air with his fist. Oh my gosh how am I friends with these idiots. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH Liam, Louis I love you guys!!” I scream again I swear I’ve done that too much today. But oh well who cares, not me! “Zoe my baby what’s going on?” Liam asks while bending down so I can give him a kiss on the check, also. “Not much just been waiting for the rest of the gang to come and see me, duh.” I say with no emotion. Louis comes over and screams “Zoey bug I’ve missed you” then picks me up while hugging me. When he finally sits me back down he gives me a simple peck on the lips. “Finally, it feels like home again! Well lets go get are rooms!” I say. Harry picks his stuff up as the rest of the boys help me with my bags. I have like ZERO girl friends here just the boys so who knows who I’ll get.

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