Daughter of Darkness


1. The Beginning

I slowly opened my eyes. As usual, I somehow knew what time it was, and that it would take two and a half more minutes for the alarm to go off. I struggled with the daily decision of actually getting out of bed, when it started. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Ominous peals echoed off the infinite space. I countered the struggle in my mind with the reasoning of how's and whys I should already be up and about, added the screeching of my banshee sister to get out of bed, I hauled myself up with a grunt. I slothfully stood, not realizing that later, I would be wishing I had never opened my eyes.

I trudge downstairs to see my bratty sister Tiffany talking to her "guy-friend", or "friend-that's-a-guy" on her phone. Before I continue, I probably should describe her to you. She is 15, has muddy brown, shoulder length hair, and a facial composition that could (and would) scare any number of horrid things (including a bear- it has happened) I begin to glower at the constant stream of empty words flowing from her hinged jaw. Tiffany (finally) notices I am sitting beside her, clearly eavesdropping on their conversation, and she promptly hangs up. "Do you know where mom is?" I mumble, still not fully awake. "No," She snapped tartly, "ask somebody else." Then went to go make herself some breakfast.

Goodness, I thought. Somebody must've burned themselves with the curling iron. My thoughts drifted to curling irons and waffles (I was really hungry), when my mom walked in. She had always been stunningly gorgeous, but distant and reserved. I guess it was natural instinct to be harsh, being the owner and boss of one the largest companies in the world. She could mean well, I suppose, but it's hard to say when being spotted by her cruel gaze. "Bernard is going to take you to school today." She clips each word as if just talking to us cost millions of money she didn't have (though she is a billionaire). Bernard saunters in, and announced,"Ma'm, your car is ready." My mother nods and stalks out the door, sending an absent wave towards our direction. I sigh, and finish my breakfast, thinking about some sort of snappy comeback to try to redeem myself from the awaiting bullies at school.

My mind is abuzz with energy when I notice something in the backyard. "Hey Tiff?" She pokes her head out of the pantry. "What?!" She growls. "Do you see that horse?" I pointed to the dark spot in the yard where I could clearly see the outline of a midnight black stallion, with fiery eyes. She looked toward the spot I was pointing and pouted. "Nothing is there." "You don't see it?" I said puzzled. "No— wait is this some kind of a joke?" Her anger rose."There isn't anything there! " she stomps off, shoulders her backpack and slams the door shut. I sigh again and turn back to the yard, only to find grass and sky. I searched but I couldn't find the horse. I giggle quietly. What if Tiff scared it off? I follow my sister, slinging my faded messenger bag across my willowy frame and clutch it like it is my only tie to the world. Maybe I'm just seeing things, I wonder as I walk out the door. All this commotion. On my 16th birthday too. My heart aches as I yearn for the typical family birthday. Eating junk food, playing pointless games, inviting all your friends over, and getting personalized presents from people who really matter and care about you. My birthdays have always been cold and unfeeling, I don't even want to celebrate my birthday anymore, and besides, they just forget anyway. I get into the awaiting car and try to forget about my troubles, as the limo slides away from our driveway

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