Can't Blame Him

"What Would You Do If You Could Love For A Day?"

"You mean 'If You Had To Love For A Day'..."
Melony Coyle, as normal as they could come, but the one that would always stand out in every crowd. How could you not in a town like Norston? Well, she couldn't possibly stand out in the messed-up mind of Daniel Moorse; where the walls are coated with blood, the floors glazed in mud and goo, and where she couldn't stay sane enough to go on. Little does she know, if she doesn't follow on, she'll be the one in trouble. But how can you just fall in love with someone as crazy as Daniel? Is it even possible? It better be, or Miss Melony Coyle can say good-bye to all, and wish everyone a very good night. They'll need it.
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2. Chapter II

The cold wind wipped around my jacket and it flared up. My arms wrapped around my waist to keep it from going up any higher. Danny stepped into the drivers side of the jeep and started the engine. How wasn't it on before?

I held my head. God, so much has happened in such few minutes. White lights flashed, I squinted and put my hand over my eyes. Danny jerked his way up to where I was standing. It was like he never drove a car before.

"Get in." He said, his arm hanging out of the window. He stared at me intensivly waiting for me to show up next to him on the other side. I didn't move.

He tapped the side of the car and grinned. "It wasn't a question, Melony."

"I didn't take it as one."

"...You're a stubborn one, now aren't you, dear?"

I pursed my lips together, "You said not to I may quote 'Good girl. Now stay.' "

He looked at me impatiently. "Now I'm telling you to move your feet over to the passenger seat."

I shot him a glare and sauntered to the other side. As I sat in the leather seat, I realized I was like his little puppet. Putting on a show for him...except, he was the director. I'm not a puppet. He doesn't tell me what to do.

"Then why'd you get in?" 


The music blasted throughout the streets as Danny pressed on the gas as hard as he can. It was like he could break it if he just tapped it once more. His head stuck out the window and he hooted at the frozen cars.

My hands clutched to the sides of the seat. Brown locks flew into my mouth, but I didn't bother to take them out in the fear I will fly out of the car. 

Danny stuck his head back into the car and reached his hand to mine. I jerked back as soon as I felt contact. "Why are you so stubborn?" He questioned.

"Why are you so nosey?" I shot back at him, staring out the window. Trees and buildings flew past the speeding jeep. "...And why are you going so damn fast?!"

He chuckled, "Why not?" He stared at me for a good minute until I noticed we were about to crash into a fountain. I gripped the wheel and turned it as fast as I could. The car screetched and we spun like crazy. Danny, of course, shot up his hands and hooted. As of I, clutched to Danny's bicep.

"Not so scared of me now, hm?" I heard a whisper in my right ear. I opened one eye and saw what I was doing. Without hesitation, my arms quickly switched to the seat. What could I have possibly been thinking? My first insticnt, grab onto Danny? Him? Of all the other factors of this car, I chose him as my savor? The man who freaking took me by will. Nice one, Melony.

"I didn't take you by will," Danny started, "You simply follwed my orders. I guess you can consider yourself as my puppet." He smirked and embraced my cheek as the jeep came to a sudden stop. 

I sat in the jeep, trying to catch my breath. That was such a rush. I started to smile but wiped it away with realizing what just happened. Anger took over me and I started to hit Danny's arm repeditly. He laughed wickedly and just stared at me with a smirk.

"You.Could.Have.Fucking.KILLED ME!" I looked at him in the eye and slapped his face. His head turned and he just snapped right back to staring at me right after.

"You're cute when you're angry."

I scrunched up my face. Cute? CUTE?! He almost killed me and that's what he has to say? "You're an ass." I built up the courage and walked out of the jeep. I had no idea where I was going, but it was going to be somewhere far away from this freak.

"Bye, dear!" I heard his cackle and the jeep drove off. That's right. He's a crazy bastard.

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