Can't Blame Him

"What Would You Do If You Could Love For A Day?"

"You mean 'If You Had To Love For A Day'..."
Melony Coyle, as normal as they could come, but the one that would always stand out in every crowd. How could you not in a town like Norston? Well, she couldn't possibly stand out in the messed-up mind of Daniel Moorse; where the walls are coated with blood, the floors glazed in mud and goo, and where she couldn't stay sane enough to go on. Little does she know, if she doesn't follow on, she'll be the one in trouble. But how can you just fall in love with someone as crazy as Daniel? Is it even possible? It better be, or Miss Melony Coyle can say good-bye to all, and wish everyone a very good night. They'll need it.
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1. Chapter I

Chimes of the city bell filled my ears, making me stop in my path and look up at the gloomy sky. Wind brushed my face and my hair flew behind me. I returned my head to its position before and took a look around the streets.

People were out of their cars. Children motionless with toys in hand. For some reason, everyone had this idea that no matter what, we stand still when the bell rung. Why? I don't know. What's so sacred of the ringing of that rusty ol' bell? Not sure.

No one ever went against it. Wherever I was, people would stop. Just...stop. Fighting, stop. Crying, freeze. Some sexual action...maybe stop. I just don't want to be that girl who decides to stand against it. My life is perfectly fine blending in with crowd.

The bell stopped. All you could hear was the wind. It was silent. Crisp silence. Moments later, a women across the street with a child got back in her car. A chain was created when one person saw her move.

I pulled my jacket closer to me and kept on walking. My heels clanked against the concrete making me occasionally look down to see the leather straps.

Through the corner of my eye I could see a few strangers take a long look at me. And every time it would be a strange mid-aged man. It made my heart skip a beat and my stomach twirl into a knot. They would look away with a smile on their face and then glance at me once more. Creeps.

My hair flew around me again from the cold breeze. Instinct told me to straighten it so I followed my gut. I brushed the locks down with my fingers, feeling the softness of the strands.

A smile formed on my lips in satisfaction of my newly perfect hair. Again, some man stared at me. This time he was younger. Around my age, early 20s. He was strikingly handsome. I found myself to blush as he continued to look in my direction.

Then he started to get closer. My stomach began to twirl again but I kept on walking. His pace increased, but I kept mine the same trying not to make it look like I knew he was following me.

He started to jog closer to me. That was it, I was about to scream and run. I stopped and pretended to search for something in my bag. I could hear his footsteps now. I bit the gum inside of my mouth.

A warm feeling surrounded my shoulder. I jerked back giving a ninja pose while doing so. My eyes met his. Those sparkling blue eyes. My heart sunk in his presence.

"Cassidy?" He questioned.

I stared blankly at him.

"Is that you?" He continued.

"E-excuse me?" I replied a little hastily.

"Oh, I must be mistaken."

I just gave him a small smile. His eyes never left mine. He studied me, up and down, side to side.

"I'm Daniel, but people call me Danny."


He laughed, it made me jump back a bit. "You forgot your name? Your own name?" He laughed again.

I felt humiliated. How dare he laugh.

"Melony. My name is Melony." I shot out my hand for him to shake it.

"Nice to meet you...Melony." He bowed his head and took my hand. His touch made me melt. His grip left my hand but slid down to my waist. His arm wrapped around me and pulled me into his body.

A disapproving gasp left my mouth. I pried my fingers under his arm and desperately tried to get him off of me. Danny lowered his head to my ear. His breathe was unnaturally cold.

"Don't make a scene now," He whispered, "We don't want to give the idea to people that I'm a bad man. Do we? That would frighten them."

My arms weakened in his words. What did he mean by that?

I gave him a charming smile, "Let me go. Now."

He played with my hair before he answered. "Aw. Your cute when your feisty. To bad I can't fulfill your request."

Danny lowered his gaze to my breasts. I nudged him hard on the rib with my elbow closest to him.

He grunted in response, and his grip on my waist weakened. I decided to make a break for it; I started to run without any thought. It just happened.

I didn't get very far because his hands wrapped against my waist again. "Don't escape, sweety. I have you. Your mine."

"I am not yours." I growled at him.

He laughed again. What the hell is wrong with this totally hot guy. Not hot. No. He's a monster. He's a bad, bad man. Whose totally delicious looking.

"You're in my arms. Are you not?" Danny whispered in my ear.

"Please, just let me go. Please." I begged him with a soft voice.

"You're weaker than I thought. This will be fun, won't it?"

What will be fun? What is he talking about? Oh god. Why today? Why now?

Danny lifted me off the ground bridal style and carried me off. In instinct I wrapped my arms around him to steady myself. He had a smug smile plastered his face. I was about to smack him.

"Knew you would do that, Melony."

I stared at him. He's mental. No. This is all a dream. A terrible nightmare about a sexy man who kidnaps me. Yep, on the dot accurate.

Danny laughed dryly, "This is not a dream, silly girl. One-hundred percent real life."

My lips parted in shock. How the hell did he know I was thinking that?

I let out a sigh of frustration. I was beat, I can't win now.

Wait...wait just one second. How is everyone else just walking around normally? Do they not see a man carrying a girl across the street? The street...

How the hell is he just unnoticed in the middle of a street? While carrying me? What the fuck is going on?!

"You think to much, Melly."

"Don't call me Melly." I spoke through gritted teeth.

He totally ignored me and just went on, "You know what's surprising about you? You're not trying to get away. You don't try to get someone's attention. You are just sitting in my arms like it's an everyday thing."

After he brought that up, it occurred to me. I've been calm this whole time. Lazily being carried by this strange man who I met a few minutes ago. How am I so calm? This is a terrifying moment and I'm just sitting here, like its nothing.

Danny stopped in his tracks and set me down on the ground. He patted my head then said in a baby voice, "Good girl. Now stay."

I couldn't keep still. It was cold, this was a strange moment in my life, and now? I'm treated like a dog. Is this a joke? Are these actors? Will someone pop out and say, "Melony Coyle, you have just been tricked by 'whatever show'!"

"No and no." Danny called from beside a car. I shot him a glance of disturbance and he gave me a devilish smirk. He's crazy.

He opened the door of a black jeep. The person in the drivers seat made no attempt to stop him. The driver didn't even acknowledge that he was beside him.

Danny took the collar of the persons shirt and tugged until his body was half way up on the chair. The seatbelt straddled the man's chest. Danny grabbed the scruff of his neck and with his other hand, his chest. The man was yanked up and out if the seatbelt and dragged beside another car.

I stood there in shock. Such a violent way to take a man out of a car. He could of just unbuckled him and carried him away.

What kind of person am I dealing with?

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