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2. The Untold Story of Edwince - by Edwince!!!!

Tilly Chase


Before I write this review, can I just say I LOVE I am number four! and I think it's a really good idea to do a spin off on it! As I haven't seen any so far.....:(
First of all, I love how you start it - instead of introducing the people ( blah blah blah, slip in in the text people!!!!) you carry it right into a cool scene, and introduce the problems the protagonist ( long word to make me look smart! ) is facing as the chapter goes along.
I like and dislike the next few chapters - like: it's written in a way to show time passing, and expresses the main characters boredom well. I dislike it because honestly..... I was hoping for a mog attack. But all good things come to those who wait...mad they do in the second last chapter ( evil grin of evilness!!!!!! ) .
Overall, I really like your writing style, and just about everything in this book, but ( look away peeps ) 
BUT: firstly, you haven't introduced the character himself, very much. I'm guilty of this too. Who is his name, is he a slow learner compared to the rest of his kind, what does he look like...? Saying just a little of this would help me understand him, and his problems better.
Also, really minor things - sp. and grammar. Some of the chapters were a little hard to understand, as there was either too many commas and not enough full stops, or full stops in the middle of sentences!!! I'll forgive you though, coz you were typing on your phone.
Overall, I'll give you a grand...
Plz keep writing, :)


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