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3. Cry me a river - by Trudi

Tilly Chase

Hi!!!!!  One book review coming up:)
Can I just say, this is a really good idea - a crime story, focusing on the person who got left behind.
I like how you have the first chapter, at first saying how she couldn't get on without her sister....
Then her sister gets kidnapped....
And ( the important one ) then she finds out how horrible the real world can be, with her friends leaving her, and the police and media just basically saying to give up.
And then, kind of at-the-end-could-go-into-a-new-chapter, she says how she grew up, how she is now independent, and doesn't need her sister - but secretly she's still upset.....
The next few chapters are kinda her normal life, but instead of being booooooooring and just go to school, get home, eat, sleep, repeat, she has the new hope of her sister being searched for, and then the scared atmosphere as she realises that she might be next.....
This is all topped off with confusion, as she doesn't get why her family were kidnapped, or why the case is being reopened.
There are only a few bad points: " over my chest, NO in stubbornness" sometimes, you typo, and there are letters missing out - but that is very rare, so :)
Also, sometimes you need to add commas (of which I am a big fan of), to break down the sentances, this would help, but again, nothing a quick edit wouldn't sort out!
Overall, it has a great atmosphere, brilliant idea, lovely writing style and next to no errors, so I'll give you a big, a grand......
Also, do you mind if I post this review on the movellas review book?
Well done!

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