Show Me The Other Side

I can see the world around me, in my mind. Take life to another level. Bring people into my world. I'm no super hero, no special powers. Bringing people back into my mind, see what I can see, not such a great power held in my will. Maybe I can't actually see like others, but they have no idea of what's coming for them.
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4. Sweet Sweet Sight Of Mind

"Danny?" My soft voice choked out through the fumes of the fire.

His deep whisper shushed me, "Don't worry, Cynthia."

Tears were flowing from my eyes, I tried to wash them away by blinking. Smoke filled my air, burning my throat and my nostrils as it came into my body. Weakly, I coughed into the air.

Dan's face was all burnt and bubbly. His charcoal, cheek popped and sizzeled out thick blood. I gaged in the back throat, trying not to make this moment worse then it already was.

Our heads were resting against the wall, waiting for the firemen, or someone, to find us in this burning building. We were the 23rd floor, I thought I would never get out of here.

My face was burning from the heat. Constantly, I touched it making sure it wasn't like Dan's. Dan would look over my weak body multiple times to make sure I was okay. Every time he did, I would meet his olive eyes staring into my hazel ones. He would caress my cheek and stroke the apple of it with his thumb.

Fire spreads into the next room, making it one room closer to us. I cried even more and hugged my half-gone teddy against my chest. Ashes flew into the room, where we were helplessly sitting. My attention was put onto it.

The ash would fly up, then down. Spin, then fly flatly again. Amber glowed through its charcoal color. Although it was dangerous, it was beauitifully dangerous, like a unknown forest with hidden mysteries to unfold.

"Owe!" I screetched, making an echo throughout the small space. The ash flying majesticly, landed disgracefully onto my scratched uper thigh. I shewed it of my leg, weeping with no tears.

"What happen?" Danny's attention stayed on me, worrieness weaving through his words.

"A-an ash..." I finished my sentence by pointing to my leg.

He slid towards me, trying to make me feel protected. If he wanted to be protective, then he would stop the fire with powers of a super hero.

The fire blew into the room, I screamed at its wild entrance. It crawled up the wooden walls, opening holes. My breathing increased as well as my heart rate.

Danny tried to push me out of the room, but the fumes made him to weak. I gazed into the fires blazing light. Its powerful aura bursting out through the building.

It crackeled and made its way to the ceiling. A long, wooden plank hung from it. As the fire reached the wooden plank, I heard a creak. The plank shook, and then swung down, hitting Dan's head.

I gasped at the horrifying sight. Fire caressed his head. It burned through his skin, making more thick blood pore out from a bubbling face.

Dan tossed over the floor screaming in agony. Hands holding his fiery hair, making them burn up. His nails chiped and cracked, with more blood gushing out.

I held my stomach from this sight. My emotions were mixed with so many feelings I felt like I was going to explode. I wanted to help him, he was my older brother, but I'm to young to. I could just sit and watch.

I awoke from the horrid dream with a wimper leaving my lips. Cold sweat stuck to my skin. My fingers ran through the hair on my head.

"It was just a dream, Cynthia. Just a dream." I assuered myself.

I flung my feet to the floor of my bed. I sat for a moment, trying to erase the dream from my mind. My hand reached out to my glasses on my night stand.

My nails scratched on the smooth surface, looking for the unhelpful glasses. Then I remebered, when I fell yesterday, I never picked them back up. I reached out for my walker, hoping I brought it. Just as I thought...I left it behind. Aren't I the forgetful one.

"Woah!" Ron yelled from the hall.

Knowing me getting up would cause an even bigger problem, I just called out to him, "What happen?"

"Nothing, I just...fell on your glasses." He called back.

The door entering my room creaked open, "Here. You left your glasses and your walker out in the hall..."

"Thanks." I lifted myself off of my bed. The carpet sunk me down as I walked each step, reminding me of when I first could see in my mind.

Did you know that all blind people have their eyes open? Always. Just like some normal being that can see. Just we can't physically see through them. I mean, yeah, we close our eyes when we rest. But thats a new level a creepy when you sleep with your eyes open.

"You have beautiful eyes, Cynthia." Ron's sweet voice filled the room. He gentally placed the glasses onto my nose and putting my walker into my hand. I stood there, motionless for awhile. My lips pursed as I bent my body over the cane, sticking out my ass.

"Ron..." I trailed off.

"Yes, my lovely lord?" His tone was playful, but at the same time sincere.

I sighed, "I need you."

He stayed silent for a moment. "Okay, sure. Hit me."

I told him about my dream. He stood there in silence, listening to my words. Each time I would pause to hold back my tears, he would wrap his lean arm around my waist to comfort me. His heart was beating a little to fast, I could feel the thumps of it against my bicipe each time he leaned into me. My stomach dropped each time Ron would touch me. I don't know why, his touch just made me jump a bit.

"Wow," was his reply, "That, sad." His voice was cracked.

I nodded my head, holding the tears back. Unluckly, a stray tear rolled down my cheek. Ron held me once more, but that just made me cry even more. He shushed me and stroked my hair. His grip was tight and comforting at the same time. He let go of my waist, his hand now on my shoulders, "Listen."

"You need to stop, okay? It was a dream. It's going to be alright. Just a nightmare." His husky voice made me calm down a little. Not enough to stop crying though.

"Okay..." I whispered. It was barely audible, I couldn't even hear it that well knowing that I said it.

Ron pulled me into a hug once again. Before he let go, he planted a peck on my cheek and whispered into my ear, "I'll always be here. Always."

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