Show Me The Other Side

I can see the world around me, in my mind. Take life to another level. Bring people into my world. I'm no super hero, no special powers. Bringing people back into my mind, see what I can see, not such a great power held in my will. Maybe I can't actually see like others, but they have no idea of what's coming for them.
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5. Questions Of The Lies

I stood in the middle of my room, stuned. My hand, shaking, stroked the kiss he left on my cheek. Heart beating frantically. Breaths short. My body sunk to the ground.

Why would he kiss me? Why?

So many questions that I ask myself. Yet, none have been answered. How could they? I keep them to myself. Locked up in me. Each day, they build up. Getting more complexed than the next. It puts pressure over me, however. But I can't help it. These questions help me get through life as it is. How? Another question that won't be answered. 

I blew out air from my pursed lips, pushing my hair back. I stood up, still a little shakey from the kiss Ron planted on my cheek. I walked backwards with baby steps, reaching my hand behind me for my walker. The wooden stick made my nails fiddle with engravments on the handle.

After I fully gripped the handle, my feet moved me towards the door. Ron's footsteps made my heart stop as they came closer. Quickly, I rushed back inside my room, dropping the walker and reaching for the door knob. The door slammed shut and I quickly turned the lock. My back rested against the door. My chest rapidly moving up and down from my heavy breaths. 

A tear stroked my cheek as his worried knocks banged on my door. I turned around so my face was facing the wooden barrier and mouthed "I'm sorry"


I havn't been going to classes like I should have been. Sure my "friends" are probably worried sick about me. I have excuses for the professors, and others. Still, lieing isn't the best policy. Maybe for me it is.

Lieing is all have ever done since I was small...

Taunting laughs and pointing all at me. Jerks. I would never. They just don't know. They don't know anything. I grunted while blowing more air out of my nostrils than normal, "Stop! STOP LAUGHING AT ME!"

They continued. My fingers crunched into a fist, they would understand one way or another. Mothers words played in the back of my mind, '
Now darling, I told you. Your anger needs to settle. Fight with words of wisdom, not the brutal strength." 

My shoulders relaxed and I let my fist drop. Mind clear and fresh. I gave a pleasent smile and sat down on the velvet blue rug.


"Apparntly, you don't understand."

The laughing settled and pointing stopped. One kid, Bryan Kidly, stepped up. 

"And what do we not know?" His stuby finger pointed at my face.

"I never said you didn't know anything." I fiddled with my fingers.

"That's what you were implying, though." He scowled with a pouted lip.

Shut up Bryan...Even now I can't stand you. I walked over to him, ground rippling like water when I take my steps.

I crouched behind the smaller version of me and unwillingly whispered in her ear, "You're just a fat nine year-old, step down."

Little me eyes turned a glowing white and repeated what I whispered. I stood in shock. I...can control my past?

"W-what?" Bryan studdered. The class was in shock. 

What? What did I do? I just said I wasn't implying anything. Did I not?

Bryan ran off crying to the teacher that I made fun of him. Liar! I did no such thing.

Shoot, this wasn't supposed to happen. What did I do?! What do I do?

Oh my god. I hope I didn't rupture the present with what I just did. How can I be so ignorant? Why didn't I know? I mentally slapped myself. 

What good does that do?

I slap myself across the face. Ow. I laugh a little to loud for Ron to hear.

"Cynth? Are you okay?" 

I stayed quite, but holding in my laughter was to hard. I struck the floor and bursted into tears.

I'm. So. Mental.

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