Show Me The Other Side

I can see the world around me, in my mind. Take life to another level. Bring people into my world. I'm no super hero, no special powers. Bringing people back into my mind, see what I can see, not such a great power held in my will. Maybe I can't actually see like others, but they have no idea of what's coming for them.
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7. Flashing Sight

If you ever thought that reliving your past was have some serious problems. Everyday I am forced to have small clips replay in my mind from past events-some bad and some good. It's not a great feeling to know that your only life is revolving around your past. 

A distant knock snapped me out of my trance. I turned my head to the direction I thought I heard it. It defiantly wasn't a knock on my door-it sounded too far away. I stood up, trying to visualize my room. 

Knock. Knock.

I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. It sounded like it was on glass. The sound echoed through my mind-it was almost haunting. My foot weakly took a step towards my window.


My breathing quickened as I took another step. I reached out my hand to feel for the cold glass. I shuddered as I came in contact with the glass. My body instantly became cold.


The window shook as another knock came in contact. This time, it sounded weaker.


I bit the inside of my cheek, trying not to scream. Each time the window rumbled, my stomach dropped and a shiver flew down my spine. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't imagine what was on the other side of the glass divider.

I winced as an irritating screech filled my ears. It was like the creature was sliding it's sharp nails down the window pane. My knees weakened, and I started to kneel down to the floor. I covered my ears , and gritted my teeth. This sound was unbearable-it was like it was never going to stop! I couldn't take it.

I clenched my fists, and curled up in a tight ball. A scream left my lips as a crash of glass breaking. What felt like a dump of snow showered over my body. I shook in shock of what just happened. Distant footsteps slowly made their approach towards me. They sounded so far, yet close.

A hand touched my shoulder, gripped it, and pulled me into a position where I was sitting up agaisnt the wall. Glass fell off my body, and I was sitting on some shards.

"Cynthia," A woman's voice caressed my ears. She sounded so innocent, it was almost magical. Her voice calmed me enough to find the strength to stop shaking. 

I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out. My mind raced around, trying to make me do something, but I just sat there.

"Cynthia," The voice said again, even calmer this time, "Follow me."

Without thought, I stood up. A hand gripped mine and I was pulled from the spot I was just sitting in. Not until we stopped walking, I realized I was following someone who just broke into my apartment. My body tensed up and I pulled my hand away.

"W-who are you?" I stuttered, trying to sound confident. I failed.

"There is no time to explain, Cynthia. You must follow me."

"I-I can't see! How do you expect me to follow you!" I felt the anger boil up inside me. She was so calm, but of course my hot temper gets the best of me.

"Please, Cynthia. Take my hand," I felt her fingers intertwine with mine. "In this place, you will your wishes."


I heard her sigh as she tugged on my arm, "Just follow."

I obeyed her.  After a few steps, she stopped and I felt an icy breeze whip around me. My hair tangled behind my face.

"Cynthia," I heard her say through the wind. "Let go of my hand and take a step forward! We don't have time, you have to go!"

"G-go where?" I gripped her hand tighter and held my position.

"Cynthia, please! Don't make this harder than it already is!" She pleaded as she wiggled her arm, trying to fight my grasp. The wind became louder and faster. The only thing keeping me from blowing away was holding onto her hand.

"I want to know where we are going!" I yelled against the wind.

"You have to find out for yourself! Now, let go of my hand!" 

"I can't! Please...Just tell me!" I felt a lump in my throat, and my eyes burned with tears. I couldn't let go of her hand, I was scared. Petrified. I need her to hug me and tell me it will be okay. Pathetic, I know, but right now I was scared out of my mind.

"Cynthia, you have to..." She wiggled away from my grip and pushed me forward. I stumbled over my own feet, and went head-first towards the ground. 

An echoe of the word 'Go'  filled my ears. I tossed through the air as I fell towards my death. This was pathetic life coming to an end. As for most would be scared, I was slightly happy. I've suffered most of my life in the pain of not being able to see. Now-I wouldn't have to feel so...lost. 

The fall felt like it was taking forever, and as weird as may sound, I grew bored. It was a one foot drop-so now I do question my thoughts of dying. Wow-I'm that depressed that I would be happier if I was dead. 

Sad, Cynthia. Sad.

I then only realized that my eyes were sealed shut this whole time. Although it makes no difference if I open them, I want to feel the wind rush through my glasses to get to my eyes. 

My heart felt like it was soaring. A smirk crept onto my lips and I extended my arms out like a bird. I sucked in a mouthful of air and shot my eyes open.

I could see everything.

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