Star Riders

Meet Joseph Clayton. He's 16 and a little nobody soldier. But when faced with a responsibility that might end the war, can he make the right choice? He finds truth and meets a mysterious girl named Ava, who was hiding a big secret, which could save or end his life, and everyone in the land of Kasteel


2. Chapter 2: the dream

"Come!" She called."Come and join me in the stars!" My vision blurred and I could vaguely see a beautiful girl, swimming in the universe with the greatest ease. I wanted to join her. Needed to. But, a sharp intensity fought me from her embrace. I struggled. But I could not win. Eventually, I heard voices snake into my mind, all filled with bitterness and hatred. Except one. It seemed familiar, but I couldn't place it. I felt creeping cold sensation, and woke up. I was tied to an iron chair in a dark, gloomy room. I had nothing with me but the clothes on my back, and the shoes on my feet. I pretended to still be knocked out in order to eavesdrop effectively. ".......still sedated?" A velvety voice said. "Yes sir." Another replied. Then a different voice filled the silence. An almost metallic, echoing female voice, asked,"Why must you do the torture? You said I could so it next time we had a prisoner, and that was two years ago!" "My dear," the first man said impatiently,"This is not simply a prisoner. This man could very well end this war. Don't you want that?" He purred. No one spoke. "Good girl. Now run along, go and beat your time for the obstacle course or something." Her footsteps clicked away and I heard the door to my confinement room being opened, with two people and a cart of supplies being pushed between them.

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