Slipping through my fingers

When Sarah finds out the love of her life and best friend Niall gets a girlfriend who isn't her, her life spirals out of control!


3. Oh!

Sarah's POV

We entered the restaurant as I viewed the girl!

She reminds me of one of the models I see in the magazines I read!

She had long brown straight hair down to her bum, beautiful hazel eyes and she must have been a size zero!

We walked over and she embraced Niall, I was so jealous if her !

He blushed as they embraced , though he tried to hide it

We sat down and ordered , as we were eating Niall and the mysterious girl were flirting , I felt a little uncomfortable so I went and sat beside Harry , my best friend in the whole wide world (apart from Niall of course) !

He knew my feelings for Niall and gave me a sympathetic look, I acted confused and shook it off and smiled bright , masking my pain.

We finished and as we were leaving Niall and I think her name was Emma swapped numbers and he left with the biggest grin ever!

"Looks like someone has a little crush eh ?" I asked Niall , hoping he would deny it honestly

"Yes I do indeed ! We have a date on Saturday ! " I raised my brow " Niall , we were supposed to go to the dance contest on Saturday " I said as carefree as I could

"Oh shit sorry Sarah but I can't miss this she is only free but I can get someone to replace me if you want?" " No it's fine @ I said my voice attempting to tremble but I stop before it could

"Thanks for understanding Sarah"

Again , Harry was hugging me tightly and looking at me sympathetically .

"I'm coming back to yours too ok ?" Harry questioned

"No problemo " I replied

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