Slipping through my fingers

When Sarah finds out the love of her life and best friend Niall gets a girlfriend who isn't her, her life spirals out of control!


9. Mail, for me ?

Well, it was 8:30 I just woke up, I have been waking up early the past few weeks and I have no idea why !

I threw my hair up into a messy bun , threw on one of my xxl T-shirts and went down stairs

"Hey Sarah there is something in the mail for you"

"I never get mail!"

I retrieved the letter from Neala's hand and almost died on the spot!

The envelope was cream coloured , beautifully decorated and had a picture of Niall and Emma on the front!

"Fuck!" I muttered

I stormed up to my bedroom and started flinging all of the things Niall had every given me or even touched for that matter!

I decided to go for a run to clear my mind

I threw on my illuminous purple sketchers, some yoga pants and a pink tee and set off...

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