Slipping through my fingers

When Sarah finds out the love of her life and best friend Niall gets a girlfriend who isn't her, her life spirals out of control!


21. life's a beach

I Woke up yay beach today

I can relax , have fun withy my closest friends and swim woohoo!

I stayed at Harry's house with Amy , El and Lou

We started to pack up and then we all set off, we were going to meet everyone else there

We arrived , FINALLY !

I hopped out and helped Lou and Amy empty the car while Harry and El went to look for everyone else

We were almost finished when Harry came over to me with a sympathetic look on his face

"What now?" I asked

"Don't freak out .. But look at where Niall is !" He whispered

Oh god , he already had another girl after Emma already

Guess that rules me out , if he did have feelings for me he wouldn't go moving from one girl to another and to another

"It's fine ,I know I'm not that great "

"You are, don't mind him!" He said

"Ok " I whispered

We walked over and I said fuck it , might aswell see if there are any fit lads around here

Me and Amy decided to go look for some it was about half six , the sky was pink

We went over to this playground that was like twenty feet away from where we set up camp so we could see everything that was going on there

Everyone was just lounging around, except for Niall he was on top of his "friend"

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