Slipping through my fingers

When Sarah finds out the love of her life and best friend Niall gets a girlfriend who isn't her, her life spirals out of control!


7. I don't care anymore

Another few weeks past and I didn't know what to do with myself

I decided to go to this club called Purple Panda with Harry

(Outside club)

"Ready Hun?"

"Yes , show me the shots !"

We walked in , I was longing for a way to liven up so I thought , why not some shots

After that one drink led to another and I was shitfaced

I was now searching for Harry to go home but he was with a girls so I texted him I was leaving and began to walk home , it wasn't that far!

I ended up walking past Niall's house, not in a stalker way that's the only safe route home at night

I saw Emma getting out of her car so I hid in a bush so she wouldn't see me

All I could see was a massive rock on her finger

I guess it was official !

Little did I know how drunk I was as I fell asleep in the bush !

I woke up around dawn which was five thirty am so it was pretty early I didn't move until about half past eight , my bones ached and my head was spinning like a merrigoround

I arose from the bush at around nine fifteen

I saw the two love birds make out and then head their separate ways! Oh I was depressed

Is it bad that all I cared about right now was how Niall was feeling and not worrying about the fact I could have been kidnapped or robbed last night, but no , I Only wanted to know how he was feeling

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