Slipping through my fingers

When Sarah finds out the love of her life and best friend Niall gets a girlfriend who isn't her, her life spirals out of control!


24. hollister yay

We decided to go to hollister !

Every one went except for Liam , sophia and Gael !

We arrived and I started to have a fit ! ALL THESE FIT LADS!

Oh god the amount of them!

We all split up and me and Amy went together

We went over to the dress section and there were two really hot guys there !

We started to chat to them, their names were Luke and Sam !

Amy and Luke set up a date aw!:) and me and Sam were talking for a while "

"I get off in ten minutes , would you like to go someplace with me afterwards ?"

"Sure" I replied trying to act cool but failing miserably ! But he thought it was cute

After we were all finished in hollister we went over to the campsite

"Who are they" Niall asked Rudely !

"Why does it matter to you?"

"Because we were all supposed to spend time together just us ! "

"I can leave" sam and Luke said "no no stay"

Amy said ! Thank god for that girl she knows exactly what I'm thinking

" well obviously not if you brought that girl along that I don't even know her name ! So don't be giving out to me , C'mon Sam " I say and march over to an empty blanket

We all just sat around eating and having a laugh

Me and Sam sat down messing for a while then started to chat

"You know you are really beautiful" he said to me it caught me off guard !

I went a scarlet colour

"Thanks but I'm really not !" I whispered

"Yes you are ! You would have to be blind not to see how stunning you are!" Just as he said that he kissed you !!!

You kissed back and it felt amazing ! Your first real kiss !

You soon heard a roar!

" what the fuck !' Niall screamed

You assumed it was just one of the games everyone was playing so you lay on your side on the blanket

Before you knew it you were. Swooped up and flung over Niall's shoulder you could smell the rage ( it's an expression he's not smelly or anything )

He sat you down on a bench away from everyone

I swear this lad is bi- polar or something

"Why the FUCK were you just kissing him"

"Firstly I wanted to , he is so sweet and nice ! Secondly it's none of your Buisness who I kiss !"

"Yes it is ! I forbid you to see him again!" He shouted

"You forbid me ! Are you for real! No fucking way I'm going to listen to you you mad lil fucker!" I said

"No you are not allowed to kiss anyone !"

"Yes I am ! You just witnessed it!"

"Why would anyone wanna kiss you! Your so ugly and have serious mental problems and scars ugh those awful scars , how could anything love you ! "

What is his problem! This was the second time he has made me feel like shit ! He is supposed to be one of my best friends !

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