Slipping through my fingers

When Sarah finds out the love of her life and best friend Niall gets a girlfriend who isn't her, her life spirals out of control!


34. food fight

We were all at Harry's house because he invited everyone over for a get together

Me and James had gotten pretty close the past few days

We were all in the sitting room watching the tv , James and I said we would get some sweets nd stuff from the kitchen

"Are you ok Sarah , you know , with Niall here and all ?"

" yeah , I'm fine , who cares about him ? , I'll have you to protect me haha " I said joking

"I will protect thee ! I am assigned to take care of you , ms mushrooms !" Haha he said jokingly

"Mushrooms, how am I mushrooms ? You are ..hhmmm grape ! I'm gonna call you grape from now on ,!!! " haha we get on so well

I heard a grunt come from the hall , I was too busy having fun with my grape to go check

"Here , want some cream mushroom? " next thing I knew whipped cream all over my face

"You bitch , your gonna get it ! " I screamed and chased after him with the spray cream

He ran into the sitting room and I raced after him laughing

"Guys , watch my clothes , get it anywhere but my new clothes" Harry said

"Don't worry haz , I only wanna get grape ha ! "

"Not if I can stop ya shroom!"

I heard the grunt noise again , it was Niall , oh well , what does he expect , I'm not going to just slope around all day moping about him haha no !

I sprayed it all over James haha his hair got all messed up

"Can you two stop being so childish ?" Niall snapped

"No , sorry , just having fun which seems you are not anyway so don't try stop ours!" I said

"Why don't we go finish this in the kitchen ?" Grape said hahah

"Great !" I said

We went in and started fucking loads of stuff at each other

I slipped on some cream and smacked my head

"Ow fuck you bitch!" I said laughing

" oh god I'm sorry !" He helped me up and we got cleaned up

When we were cleaning ourselves up we touched hands

He brushed his lips against mine and I was so happy

We held hands and went into the sitting room and sat down on the ground together holding hands

"What's going on with you two ?" Zayn said

"Shut up zayn " I said

" who wants to play a game?"

"Yeah , everyone in a circle , come on "Louis said

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