Slipping through my fingers

When Sarah finds out the love of her life and best friend Niall gets a girlfriend who isn't her, her life spirals out of control!


36. explain

"Look, I went upstairs as I spilled beer all down my top and I was changing it , when I got the new shirt on I heard the door close , I thought it was you but it was peyton! She pushed me over to the bed and started kissing me I swear!"

"How can I believe you ?"

"Eeh.. I know , I was doing a twitcam and forgot to turn off my camera ?!! Come on now I will show you !"

"Fine" I replied

We went into the sitting room

"Sarah and I are going to mine for a few , we will be backspin!"

"You ok with this Sarah?" Harry asked me

"Yeah, it's fine " I replied

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