Slipping through my fingers

When Sarah finds out the love of her life and best friend Niall gets a girlfriend who isn't her, her life spirals out of control!


11. can't breathe

I went out and started walking

I had to pass Niall's house to get to the park

I put my headphones in but didn't put my music on

I thought it wouldn't be that safe seeing as I had to cross all of these roads

Niall was unloading stuff from his car and I didn't want to talk to him , I had a fear my emotions would get the better of me

I picked up the pace to go past quickly but he noticed me

He started shouting saying hey hey and all but I pretended I was listening to music and pick up the pace now

Little did I know that I had shed a few tears

Instead of running in the park I decided to go to Niall and I's secret tree house which was cute cozy and warm , and nobody knew about it so I could use it as an escape

I reached the tree house , climbed up and broke down

I couldn't do this anymore, the only person I truly loved was marrying another and I had no family, that I cared about anyway

I decided there was no point to keep my life the way it is, but nothing like suicide or self harm , I swore to Harry !

I would just not care any longer !

About ten minutes later the door creaked open , I was very surprised as I thought no one knew about it but I guess some one found out

Usually I would make myself presentable but now I just don't care

It was NIALL?

I quickly wiped the tears and plastered myself with powder and a fake smile to hide my tear stained cheeks

"Niall what are you doing here "? I asked

"I haven't seen you in ages ! I miss you !"

Oh shit, here come my feelings.. NO NO don't dare !

"Sames! Just been so busy lately well I better be off a lot of things to do catch up later yeah bye bye !" I smiled

"Ok, yeah .. S-sure " he spoke !shit ! He is getting suspicious!

"Bye !" I yelled while running off

I feel so alone right now, maybe a night out would help ?

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