Slipping through my fingers

When Sarah finds out the love of her life and best friend Niall gets a girlfriend who isn't her, her life spirals out of control!


28. a new leaf

i decided to apologise to niall as i was harsh on him but i am also expecting an apology from him !

i went over to him and started

'hey Niall can we talk for a minute?'

'Yeah' he said

we walked over to the towels and sat down

' look sarah i am so sorry i was just pissed off yesterday i didn't mean what i said things just were not going right for me yesterday..' he continued talking but i cut him off

' but Niall , i never see you and when we do see each other we are screaming our heads off , you don't tell me anything anymore and yesterday you were so rude to sam jesus like why are you mean and so different lately?' i asked

'because Sarah , cant you see it I love you , love you! i always have! ....'

'wait then why were you engaged , ignored me when i told the truth , when we got back to a good place you turned it bad again, i am very confuse !' i said

' i knew you would never love me back so i tried to get my mind off of you with all these girls , but it didnt work, and when i saw sam kiss you.. rage went over me , i wanted to be your first kiss! not some random guy you met the same day !' he explained

'are you joking.. i always loved you ! i was going to admit it the day we went to spur , but then you met emma and things happened and my plan was ruined!'

'well do you want to start over then ?'

'Sure " i said

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