Kathryn - Ideas, commonly known as 'Visions', are no gift. Visions are dangerous. Visions are only to be used under careful government supervision as decreed by our Commander and saviour. I was never one for following the rules. *Originally 'The College' but I didn't like the title much so changed to 'Visions' :)* Final word count - 2,965


6. Kathryn

“Imagination has the power to bring everything down.” Noises scrape along my skull and it's like something’s stroking my veins.

     “Don’t call them that!” Dad.I don’t have a clue where I am. I barely have a clue who I am but I’d always recognise his voice.

     “Visions, ideas, imagination, same thing!” The touch on my body isn’t Dad’s; it’s too delicate like the other voice I hear.

     Trying to lift my head, I’m desperate to know what's up with me but the aches in my body make me stay down. A damp hand comes down on my forehead, trailing down to my neck.

     "She’ll be fine. The serum didn’t reach her visual cortex where the reaction starts. Her imagination will remain intact.”

     Being useless forced me to muster up some strength to move my mouth. A mixture of grunts and garble comes out.

     “Open your eyes honey.” Dad speaks softly thankfully.

     His words give me power and I follow his instructions.

     The scene becomes less blurred as I blink. Awkwardly, a man is slumped up against a wall, but I pay no attention to him as my head’s pounding slows and my eyes turn to whoever’s above me.

     “Ryder?” Smiling, I was so happy to see her crooked teeth. She was Dad’s closest friend and colleague.

     "You need to get up now.” Dad clasps his hands around mine and pulls me from the bed. I swear my legs have disappeared!

     “Give me a sec...”

     “There’s no time, K. Your Father’s caused quite a commotion down in the office. I’ve managed to hold it back a bit. We gotta go now-”

     A red, sweaty figure bursts through the door. The Commander, gun in hand, rushes in followed by guards.

     “You!” He spits. Dad blocks me from his sight, throwing his body over mine, “Your little experiments have ruined everything I’ve worked for.”

     “You work for everything wrong in the world.” Ryder snaps back. She begins to fiddle with the window.

     “I should’ve known you were with him when you were so desperate to oversee this procedure. I wanted peace! I wanted purity!” His eyes lay on me. “You risk your lives for a little imagination and spoil hers for good.”

     I want to be brave. I need words but my heart’s beating too hard to think.

     “I’ve an escape idea.” Smirking, a cool breeze brushes the back of my head as Ryder opens the window.

     “You go.” Dad whispers, “I’ll hold them.”

     The Commander flexes his arm holding the gun.

     “Don’t be stupid...” Tugging at my sleeve, Ryder prepares for our escape. How could she just accept Dad’s suicide?

     “I’ve prepared for this.” He murmurs.

     “Well I haven’t!” My heart’s about to burst, “Don’t leave me like Mum did!”

     “Oh Kathryn. You’re so like her. I can't change but you can. I won’t let you die the same way she did, at the hands of evil.” He smiles one last time.

     Squeezing my hand, I open my mouth to protest further, but the air’s blown out of me as he lets go. I'm dragged through the window we're running.

     Over my shoulder, I see Dad’s outline keeping the guards from the window.

     It was all his fault this happened.

     I turn by eyes, blurred by tears, forward, waiting to hear his feet behind us, hoping.

     He doesn’t follow.

     But a shot does.

     Why is this all happening to us?

     It’s his fault Visions chose me.

     And I’ll fight for our fault.


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