Kathryn - Ideas, commonly known as 'Visions', are no gift. Visions are dangerous. Visions are only to be used under careful government supervision as decreed by our Commander and saviour. I was never one for following the rules. *Originally 'The College' but I didn't like the title much so changed to 'Visions' :)* Final word count - 2,965


4. Kathryn


     What a loada crap!

     Being led down another dingy corridor, I bite my lip to keep my anger in. Who the heck voted for this guy as Commander?

     The way that voice thing kept repeating "cleansed" like we were dirty compared to them. It’s a bloody robot! What gives it the right to dig little holes in our brain? They were the insects mucking up the place.

     And just to make everything worse, Dad was keeping more things from me. He was going to be re-tested. He’d been here before. Though I didn’t have much time to worry about that.

     Going through a door, I stop dead in his shadow.

     The Commander, his collar up to his sharp cheekbones, glared down upon us with black eyes. My head fell instantly, not that I wanted it to, a sudden weight pulling on my chest like when the guards came to our door.

     His voice is sweet but his eyes still glower down like we were meat on a plate.

     “There’s no need to worry, my dear.” A grimy hand lifts my chin up. I felt the sweat settle on my skin as the Commander pulled his arm back, “I’ve my own trusted doctor’s on this procedure.”

     A procedure? There is so a need to worry. I don’t understand. I’ve never used Visions in my life.

    Not successfully anyway...

     Standing upright, Dad is hanging onto the Commander’s every word. Desperate to make me feel better before we entered this place, I wonder what has gotten into him now? He don't actually believe this...?

     My mind flicks the words ‘re-tested’ over.

     "You continue to be at a high risk of being plagued by Visions."

     And it’s his entire fault I am.


“We understand you’ve been up to your old tricks again, Alastair-” The anger of my confusion boils out of me a few moments later.

     “Why go to all this trouble ‘cause I might be using visions. Which I ain't by the way.”

     I hear the scratching at his sleeves from Dad again. This is drowned out by a high-pitched wail, swallowed by the slamming of the door behind us. I freeze. There’s no way I’m going further. My heart pummels my chest.

     “There’s nothing to be worried about.” Again, the Commander’s apparently kind words catch on his gritted teeth and slowly he tries to force me forward again. My feet are nailed to the floor.

     "There ain’t anything you need to do!” The blood rushes so fast in my ears I can’t tell if I’m shouting.

     “Honey...” Hearing Dad’s voice makes me snap. Without realising, I’m no longer fixed but looming over him, my breathing breaking over his head.

     “This ain’t my fault!” Something clamps down on my arms. Adrenaline numbs its touch. “Listen! We’re normal-”

     “They speak the truth, Kathryn. You listen.”

     I feel as though the air has been punched out of me.

     All this time, he’s been against the Commander and any of his ideas. I don’t understand...

     Taming my roar, my voice is small. “You... you think I deserve this...”

     “We both do.” Head hanging, my shock was the one thing that could suppress the will to shake him up until he 'comes normal again.

     “So now I’m using Visions by my own choice?”

     A small nod makes a hysteric laugh surface, soon silenced by Dad’s cutting words, “Visions are bad. It’s my fault I gave them to you. I’m ashamed of all I’ve taught you but you should listen to our Commander. He is right. We need to be cleansed.”

     “But...” Everyone tells me to go against my own nature, but never has he.

     “No. You need to start listening to others, Kathryn. Or you’ll end up like your mother.”


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