Kathryn - Ideas, commonly known as 'Visions', are no gift. Visions are dangerous. Visions are only to be used under careful government supervision as decreed by our Commander and saviour. I was never one for following the rules. *Originally 'The College' but I didn't like the title much so changed to 'Visions' :)* Final word count - 2,965


5. Alastair


The dangerous sparkle finally leaves her eyes. The urge to claw at the fabric of time and erase my last words arose as her heart irreversibly sank. I had to get her mouth shut though. For her own sake.

     Convincing myself never works. The stone won’t shift from my stomach. I feel like a child who can’t tell his right from wrong.

     Kathryn’s still staring, a statue stunned to silence. Brown hair falls into her face but she doesn’t blink. I toy with my sleeve again.

     “You’re in a more desperate need of help than I thought. We must start the procedure.” A doctor, who had joined the front of our group, nodded and pushed through a door whilst the Commander looked Kathryn up and down. I suppose he doesn’t get many other Kathryn’s in his guards. Not that he knew about anyway.

     “The treatment’s easy just like before.” I don’t remember much about my previous treatment., strangely. Just that a lot went in and I was lucky to come out again.


White lights line the walls. Entering deeper into the maze, a strange sensation emerges as if something was trying to crawl its way into my mind. My heartbeat elevates. My mind races.


     I must get out!

     Don’t let them back in now!

     I try and reach for Kathryn, but my hand meets air.

     “Begin.” The door slams and the Commander and guards leave. Flashing before my eyes, I’m lowered into a seat whilst the doctor taps at a computer. I see a body, thrashing against the leather bed in front of me. My mind isn’t registering what’s going on. The sensation is back again, but I can’t keep it away.

     The Visions are too strong.

     I imagine the scene from before. Years before. The body blurs between that of a young girl’s and a woman’s.

     A woman so beautiful.

     A woman I know.

     Each blink brings back more.

     I see the doctor’s mouth moving but hear nothing. He straps her down, sticking electrodes wherever he can in between kicking legs. Then, the smell of disinfectant stings my nostrils. A needle, delicate and thin, is pulled up to his face.

     The white liquid shines on his smile, appearing menacingly huge through the glass vile. It soon vanishes as a punch meets his stomach.

     My mind cannot settle still. Her blue eyes are hidden behind squeezed eyelids.

     Eyebrows furrow above her brown eyes, the determination to fight still lingering.

     Brown locks fall over the side, twisting with her head as it snaps to and fro, desperate for escape.

     Blood is drawn as she claws at the doctor’s arm, but he's got the upper hand, towering over her quivering body as his pulses electricity through it.

     A screech is muffled as the doctor's hand finally clasps over her head. Holding her steady, she faces me, tears dripping down her cheeks.

     Sweat falls from her face to the floor.

     My eyes hold her's.

     I see the wonder and hope and happiness sucked from the sparkles in her eyes one by one.

     And I can’t help it.

     The needle pierces her neck.

     Her mouth opens.

     “Help me.”

     Reality comes crashing down.

     Those were my wife’s final words. Her final actions were what my thoughts had shown me. They weren’t quite powerful enough for Visions yet, but I could feel their strength, pounding on my mind’s door for me to let them in.

     Those words would not be my daughter’s last.

     Marching forward, I knock the syringe out of his hand after he lifted it away from her. It shattered on the floor, already empty. Arm clamped on his neck, he struggled but I was too strong. I grab a vase from the table. Bringing it down on his head, the noise almost burst my eardrums as blood raced by them.

     The wind from the door opening behind me breaths down my neck.

     My panting cuts off as the doctor finally stops wheezing.


What had these thoughts done to me?


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