Ideas, commonly known as 'Visions', are no gift.
Visions are dangerous.
Visions are only to be used under careful government supervision as decreed by our Commander and saviour.


5. Kathryn's Doubt

It feels as though the air has been punched out of Kathryn, as if some invisible fist had just crashed into her stomach.

The Commander takes a step backwards in order to let Alastair squeeze in front and stand before his daughter. His arms are raised like trying to calm a rearing horse.

“W…What…?” Kathryn’s roars are tamed. She can barely get any words out through her panting.

“It’s for the best.” He’s no longer cracking his knuckles. His words never waver. He stares right into Kathryn’s eyes that are getting emptier by the second.

“You... you think I…we deserve this...?”

“We… we both do.”

Alastair’s head hangs. The pure shock Kathryn is feeling is the one thing that could suppress the will for her to shake him up until he becomes normal again.

“But I… I don’t even know what Visions are for Christ’s sake. What they do, what this had to do with you, what this place even is…”

The Commander still stands shielded behind Alastair as he says, “It’ll all be explained, like I promised. This anger is just fuelled by Visions. You’ll be too young to remember your Father’s influence into the little revolutions that we managed to sweep under the table for the good of the public, the innocents such as yourself before Visions got to you too.”

A swift smirk sweeps across the Commander’s face. He places a hand on Alastair’s shoulder, towing him behind so that and blocking Kathryn’s widened eyes from staring her Father. Her fists find enough energy to clench. The soldiers haven’t even seemed to have taken a breath this whole time or loosened their grips.

“This is just crap.” Kathryn sighs under her breath, lowering her head and pressing a finger to the striking headache forming between her eyebrows.

“I will tell you more. Just relax.”

Kathryn tries to hold in her scoff at the Commander’s words, but it manages to escape.  

The Commander pauses for a moment. His eyes just settle on her, but it’s almost relaxed, more quizzical than the glares he had been doing before.  

He turns. He doesn’t say a word and Kathryn can’t see if he gives a signal or an expression, but the two doctors nod and turn away back down through the door they came through. Kathryn cranes her neck to watch their shoes squeak away until she can’t hear them anymore.

“Perhaps you and your Father should discuss this more privately - under my supervision of course - Please...”

The Commander takes a step to the side, opening yet another door to the right. He gestures for Kathryn and Alastair to enter first. Kathryn stands still for a moment, but a swift glance behind her at the guards makes her flinch into action.

Taking a deep breath, she stands up straight and walks into the room. Alastair scuttles in behind her. The Commander shuts the door after them.

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