Kathryn - Ideas, commonly known as 'Visions', are no gift. Visions are dangerous. Visions are only to be used under careful government supervision as decreed by our Commander and saviour. I was never one for following the rules. *Originally 'The College' but I didn't like the title much so changed to 'Visions' :)* Final word count - 2,965


3. Alastair


     “Dr and Miss Anders,” The blood from my finger for identification made my head wobble. No, thinking was bad. Thinking brought fear. I concentrate on the voice above us instead. “Welcome to the College.”

     It was robotic, circling the inside of my skull, like the voice was right by me, whispering in my ear. Though my hand is on Kathryn’s to comfort her, it’s probably steadying me more.

     “You have been brought to the Commander’s attention for using Visions without permission. You must be helped to remove these from your mind.”

     Kathryn opened her mouth at the wrong time again and I quickly frown at her before she says something stupid. I’m met with the pout I usually laugh at.

     Oh gosh I’m thinking again.

     Fiddling with my sleeve, the guards leave us and we can finally see where we were taken.

     The dark is suffocating. This wasn’t the court room like I was expecting.The walls are cold. The air is cold. Everything screams ‘get out!’ but the voice seems so relaxed, so enticing.

     “Don’t fear. We are here to cleanse you.”

     The world suddenly stands still. A breath of fresh air washes over me.

     “Visions, previously known as ideas, have haunted our society since time began. They enter minds and make a nest, producing thoughts of a... nasty nature.”

     Beside me Kathryn rolled her eyes but I barely notice. Maybe this speaks the truth.

     Maybe she’ll listen.

     Better than listening to my bright ideas that got us here in the first place...

     “People believed they could improve their own reality, causing chaos. Many were lost to these insects, too distorted by Visions to be cleansed, but we saved many lives. Our Commander thankfully stepped in at the right moment, defeating those too overcome to see sense and restoring peace and perfection to our world.

     “The Visions were not all destroyed, but we continue to work to free our people from the Visions’ torment. Here, at The College, we are here to save you.”

     Kathryn jumps out her skin at the sound of her name.

     “Miss Anders. You have not been responding to our school scheme. You are frequently pulled aside for further attention from our specialist teachers but still you continue to be at a high risk of being plagued by Visions. With simple treatments, you can re-enter society free.

     “Dr Anders, you shall also be re-tested for Visions due to your genetic impurities.”

     I hang my head. All this time, it was my fault that my little baby was under the Commander’s radar. Why hadn’t I understood this before?

     Why did I involve her in a cause that we had no reason to fight for?

     “Please, follow the guards in front of you. You have been specially selected to meet our Commander who will prepare you for the process. We will save society from the Visions' grip. We will cleanse you.”


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