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Anyone need any advice? Can be on anything, big or small. We all need help sometimes, even if it's just boy trouble! We're here to help!


3. Nie Nie

THE PROBLEM: OK, so I switched schools at the beginning of the year. About 2 months ago my 'best friend' at my old school set me up with her boyfriend's friend. We went out for like two weeks and we broke up. A month later my 'best friend' broke up with her boyfriend and started dating my ex (at the beginning of the year we made a pact that we wouldn't do this). I found out through another friend and when I went to ask her about it on Facebook I found out she blocked me. I'm a little upset about the ex thing but I'm more upset about her blocking me and not telling me... what do I do? Please help!

KACEY SAYS: I figure that your friend may have blocked you because she is scared of you possibly having a go at her for breaking your pact. Have you tried speaking to her in person? Just get her alone and tell her exactly how you feel about the situation, so you can sort things out between yourselves. She may have already realized her mistake, and she just needs some reassurance. hope that helps!

MEG SAYS: As Kacey said, she may not realise what she has done. Talk to her, get her to explain why she broke your pact, and why she blocked you. If she keeps on ignoring you, or turns nasty, then she is not a proper friend. You both need to understand why the other has done these things. It could just be a miscommunication. She should have told you herself, instead of you finding out through someone else, but maybe she didn't want to confront you, and blocking you means she doesn't have to face the issue. If you don't want to or can't talk to her face to face, can you text her, and ask her to talk to you maybe? Try not to get too angry with each other otherwise you could end up breaking a friendship over something that is not worth arguing about.

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