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4. M.A Wishing 'star,

THE PROBLEM: I had this big group of friends. We were really close. Some started breaking off and forgetting about the rest while one left us all together. I miss them. Some don't even talk to me anymore. Especially the one who left. What do I do?


MEG SAYS: First of all, sorry for the late reply. I was at my dad's with no internet. Also, I could not get the star in your name in the chapter title, so sorry about that.

Ah, yes. I experienced something similar with my friends. People do naturally move apart as they grow older, but that does not mean you should let them go altogether. Try to instigate conversations with the friends you feel are moving apart. If you miss them, get them to see that. They probably miss you too, but don't want to make a fuss. Could you invite everyone (all your friends) for a sleepover, or a party, or something, just to get you all together without any other people around. Talk to each other - find out why you've started to move apart. With a big group of friends it is difficult to keep together, but if they are true friends, they will not have left you properly. Maybe it is just a faze and they wanted some time away. However, remember the saying: make new friends but keep the old - one is silver and the other is gold. If you don't manage to make it work, maybe it is time for a change. Make some new friends, but never forget the old ones. I hope this helped!

KACEY SAYS: I agree with everything Meg says here. The friends you have always change rapidly over time. I hang out with a totally different bunch of friends now than I did in Year 7. Think about what may have caused you to grow apart. Maybe something has been going on with them at home, or whether it's someone in the group who has made them upset in one way or another. Like Meg, try talking to them, probably in private, and see how they feel and maybe you can work out an agreement. If they won't talk to you, try emailing or on social media sites. Hope this helps!

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