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Anyone need any advice? Can be on anything, big or small. We all need help sometimes, even if it's just boy trouble! We're here to help!


2. Flutter_shy10

THE PROBLEM: My ex-boyfriend wants to be friends! I'm still in love with him, but I'm scared to admit it! We broke up months ago!

KACEY SAYS: To start with, I think it's perfectly fine to be friends with your ex. Too many people nowadays fall out with their ex and hate them forever. It may be a little awkward, but work hard and this will lessen. I don't know all the details of how long you and this boy went out, but was he good to you? Was he a good boyfriend? If he was, then it's no surprise why you want him back. Getting back with him is possible- just play it like you would with any other boy. However, if he wasn't very good to you, then try to find the strength to walk away. If you think you like him for looks, popularity etc., then walk away from that too. Hope my advice helped! :)

MEG SAYS: I don't know what else to say - Kacey has done a great job! Don't be afraid to grasp each chance with both hands. If you really like him, don't let him slip away. Be true to yourself, don't hide behind a façade. If you both want your relationship - either as just friends, or boyfriend and girlfriend - to thrive you must talk to each other. Ask yourself why you broke up in the first place, and whether this is enough to stop you getting back together. Good luck!

AHLAAM SAYS: I'm with Meg on this - Kacey's done brilliantly, and so has Meg herself! I think the best thing to do is be yourself. Be yourself, and if you really like him, he'll come back to you. If he doesn't, a friend is precious, and a friend is good enough. Think: what do you really want? To be friends, and have a platonic relationship, or to be together, and have a romantic relationship? Whichever you choose, both are beneficial. It is perfectly acceptable to be friends with your ex boyfriend. Good luck, I hope it goes well for you!

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