Movellas Advice Manual

Anyone need any advice? Can be on anything, big or small. We all need help sometimes, even if it's just boy trouble! We're here to help!


1. Explanation

Well, it started when I (Megites) had the idea to do a agony aunt type thing, to help give advice to anyone who needs it. I was inspired by the personal stories people had mumbled about, the emotions they portrayed, by the incredible feeling of community, and friendly nature of many movellians. We all need advice every now and again, and that is where we come in.

Kacey, Ahlaam and I have set up an email where you can email us your problems, if you want it to be anonymous. Alternatively, you could also comment on this movella if you want. We will post the problem and reply on here to help others, unless you specifically state that you don't want us to.

Email us:

We look forward to being able to help whoever needs it!

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