Emilia and the queen of death

the story consists of 5 major protagonists going on a journey to fulfill a prophesy.
the story ends with a series of plot twists no one will ever expect!
thanks to all my friends for letting me base the characters from their real life personalities.


7. the next power.

our heroes cross the ocean by using some of the solidised sand to create a raft, they ended up coming across a swamp and they stopped the night. during the night dannerio awoke and began wondering around but when he returned they were all gone... except Emilia who was curled in a ball dramatized.  Dannerio saw a glint in his eye and felt compelled to dive to the sea floor, when he did he found yet another golden item (a katana to be specific). he resurfaced to find Emilia crying as she had grown attached to dannerio and when he became surfaced again Emilia instantly ran up to him and hugged him tightly and dannerio hugged her back. out of nowhere a demon jumped out and grabbed both of them...   

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