Emilia and the queen of death

the story consists of 5 major protagonists going on a journey to fulfill a prophesy.
the story ends with a series of plot twists no one will ever expect!
thanks to all my friends for letting me base the characters from their real life personalities.


6. the kraken.

our heroes, still congratulating Emilia on her accomplishment with the golden staff, exit the desert and find themselves at a dead end (an ocean). suddenly a... the kracken jumped out of the ocean knocking the golden staff out of Emilia's hand and knocking Allesandro unconscious. kizlek, at the corner of his eye, spotted a golden sword in the sea. he jumped into the ocean and dove straight to the bottom, he picked up the golden sword while feeling the same surge of golden energy that Emilia felt when she got her staff. As kislek rose to the surface to see all his friends on the floor and the kracken moving towards Emilia. kizlek dashed across the land pulling unmensurable amounts of pressure into his swing while the kracken approaches Emilia. SWING!! the kracken's chest was sliced open while it's guts fell out. the rest of the group awoke to see Emilia hugging Kizlek as tightly as she possibly could stating thank you over and over again while kizlek attempted to push her away.

as our heroes walked away the kraken opened it's eyes.  

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