Emilia and the queen of death

the story consists of 5 major protagonists going on a journey to fulfill a prophesy.
the story ends with a series of plot twists no one will ever expect!
thanks to all my friends for letting me base the characters from their real life personalities.


3. the final two.

the 4th chosen one by the name of danniero entered entered the dimension with no warning and landed in front of Emilia and accidentally kissed her! GET OFF! Emilia screamed as she pushed danniero to the cold, rocky floor. Emilia fell also and landed. WHO ARE YOU?! Simultaneously the both reacted with, I ASKED YOU FIRST! Suddenly, kizlek (the 5th chosen one) was hurled through a time vortex screaming; NO I DON'T ANT TO DROWN! What was that?! said Emilia. I've no clue! Replied danniero. They followed the sound to find kizlek curled up like a baby crying as he had just arrived from the sinking titanic. who are you? asked the entire team as they made a confused face. i'm kizlek? he replied, here am i? we've no idea! Replied Emilia. Then we shall travel together! Exclaimed Emilia.

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