Emilia and the queen of death

the story consists of 5 major protagonists going on a journey to fulfill a prophesy.
the story ends with a series of plot twists no one will ever expect!
thanks to all my friends for letting me base the characters from their real life personalities.


2. meeting allesandro.

Emilia awoke and saw what she thought was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, but it was just allesandro from down the road. pipar awoke and saw allesandro speaking with Emilia. pipar felt uneasy and tackled allesandro who fell to the ground. when allesandro got back up he used some kind of unknown powers of telekinesis to hypnotize pipar into nearly walking off an enormous, unforgiving, bottomless pit of absolute annihilation but Emilia stopped him by screaming like a dying pterodactyl making him once again fall unconscious. when he awoke he claimed to know nothing about telekinesis but that he remembers the scream and the cliff incident. They bypassed it and continued asking questions such as where they were and what is going on? allesandro took several minutes to explain that the 5 of them were the chosen ones... but there were only 3 of them. he then took a few minutes to explain that they need to find the other 2 chosen ones. they began their journey to find the other two chosen ones.

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