I'm in love with a monster. A beautiful one.


3. Watch out for that Alley

I never drive. I don't own a car I guess I'm just scared. It may be childish but it's just not for me at the moment. It's a short walk anyway I go out the school go up the left street, down the alley and turn left again. There's no short cut so it's the only route I can take but it doesn't matter. As I was walking towards the alley all I could smell was smoke and it stunk. I kept my head down walking through even though I failed before until I heard the same husky voice as before grabbing my arm" Hey Elizabeth" for some reason I lost it "How do you know me?! Why do you keep talking to me it's my first day and I'm definitely not that important so just stop!". Me not being streetwise he grabbed be lifted me over his shoulders and shoved me in a black jeep. "What's going on let me out!"I banged on the boot door, all it took for him to get me to shut up was to jerk the car and knowing me and cars I shut up. After a 10 minutes drive we arrived at a big house but just a bit smaller than mine. As I heard his car door slam I kicked at the boot invade he forgot about me," Let me out now you monster!". He swung the boot open and grabbed my arm and again put me over his shoulders,"Just shut up Elizabeth now!". It didn't take any struggle even with me on top to get the keys out of his pocket and open the door and slam it hard. He carried me into a nicely set open living room to the left and slammed me on the couch. "Tell me what's going on and what the hell is wrong with you?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "I'll tell you what's wrong with me, no one and I mean no one especially a girl treats me like that even infront of my friends! You will stay with me now or I'll tell your father how completely deluded you are!" I could tell he was angry but I couldn't care less. How does he know my dad? "Stay with you!? Your insane! No I'm going home! How the hell do you know my father?!" "I work for him and that's all you need to know but he wants you too stay with me you're mother has gone back to see him as she's only with you at school and all plus your dad finds I'll protect you good so atleast have some respect!" Never would you find this happening to you on a normal day but my mum left me? She didn't even tell me? I get she's lonely but she could've least left a text. Thinking of that. "Where's my phone?" I asked the curly haired stranger."I've got it, again for other reasons" he said sternly,"But I don't even know your name even to me your just some big headed deluded man" He chuckled at my sarcastic comment," Oh baby and soon your going to be the big headed deluded mans girl, and my names Harry, Harry Styles love". I'm not going to be his girl yeah he's extremely hot and got such a cute smile and ugh shut up Elizabeth!! "Call me Eliza I prefer it" I whispered quietly still thinking of the fact that all this has happened in a shot amount of time. Clothes wait! I need clothes! "I prefer Elizabeth and I've got someone so send clothes for you love but it'll only be me that'll see you without them" he winked at me. Ew. He's disgusting but adorable. I can't fall for this monster.


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