all i remember is waking up, having a feeling that i need to run away. i have no memory of anything else. what happened??? who am i??


1. running



       i don't remember anything. all i know is that i woke up im a cell, all i can think  is that i should run. that's what i did. when they came to take me away i ran out of the cell. i could hear gunshots. but i kept running. i finally found a door, i ran out but, i was on a roof. the guards ran out with their guns pointed at me. one of them yelled " put your hands up and get on the ground!". i turned around facing away from the guards. i saw that the next building was not far away. turning around, i made it look like i was starting to get down. then i took off running as fast as i could across the roof. the guards yelled and aimed their guns. i jumped, when i landed one of the bullets landed into my shoulder i screamed in pain. when i landed all i could do was curl up into a ball and cryed. after awhile by vision started to go blurry and i passed out.

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