A New Start

Aaliyah Is 18 years old and just moved to California from New Jersey. Her parents wanted her to start off new from having to deal with problems at her old school. Little does she know she is living next door to Justin Bieber. Watch how both lives change for the better or for the worst!


29. What?


Justin P.O.V.

So things have been getting really serious between Ashley and I and two days ago I asked her to be my girlfriend and everything has been great. We didn't tell anyone yet and I think she wants to keep it private for right now.

J- So you know how we are going out and all..when do you want to tell everyone?
Ash- To be honest after that last picture I think they know. I just don't want to deal with the hate like I got saying that I'm ugly... and that you should have stayed with Aaliyah..and some of them like want to kill me.. Like I don't get it

I hugged her and gave her a kiss I felt horrible that she felt this way about this. Any type of relationship you should be able to share it and not have to worry about other people.

J- Don't let that get on you there are a lot of people who like us together and they do this with any of the people I date so don't think your thee only one..it's going to take time and we will work out. 

Ash- Do you know your the best boyfriend anyone in the world can ask for?
She kissed me

J- I try I try...

I started leaving little kisses going down her neck.

My body was telling me yes but my mind was telling me to stop. 

J- Are you sure you want to do this? I don't want you to feel like it's a mistake and we r going to fast.

Ash-Justin I'm sure. 

Aaliyah's P.O.V.

Pregnancy is the worst thing in the world. Even though I'm only 1 month and 2 weeks pregnant ( 6 weeks) its hell!

I'm not that big yet but you can kinda start to see it now

I have been throwing up all the time, I feel bloated and full of gas and I'm always eating shit..well I guess one thing hasn't changed. It's a little hard because I would at least expected Justin on my side going through this but he still didn't bother to call me from the day I found out. But it's fine.

I was sitting on the couch burping as Greg rubbed my feet.

Ali-Mom why do they call this crap morning sickness if it hits you all through out the day

Mom-I don't know babe.. don't worry you will get use to it soon.

Greg- You know your feet are going to swell up into huge ass sausages and they are going to look gross.

Even though he says things to me all the time that never makes me cry the fucking hormones took over and I started balling my eyes out.

Greg- I'm so so sorry I thought you were going to laugh

Mom- it's okay its just her little mood swings she didn't take it to heart.. How about we get out the house and do something fun

I sniffed

Ali- Can we make a calender of like my stomach getting bigger and bigger so I can put it int he baby's room?
Greg- Like a photo shoot! Can I come I got nothing better to do?

Ali- Yeah and sorry for freaking you out.. I don't know what happened

Justin's P.O.V.

I woke under the covers to my phone ringing. 33 missed calls from Ryan?

"What the fuck" I whispered 

I was trying not to wake Ashley up..

Justin-Yes Ryan? You better be dying with all the times you called?

Ryan- Dude?? You better tell me you knew about Ali?

Justin- I haven't talked to her in awhile is she okay??

I sat up on my bed

Ryan- Well yeah like shes good but I have a feeling she didn't tell you?

Justin- Ryan! Say it!
Ryan- Justin Aaliyah.. your ex girlfriend is pregnant!
Justin- Yeah right... your lying to me..

Ryan- Ariana finally cracked and told me and said that she tried telling you but you said you were busy and never called her back.. she's like over a month pregnant now.

Justin- Shit! Shit! Shit!..Do you know where she is?

Ryan- Ari was saying about a photo shoot over towards downtown LA.

Justin- Thanks I have to find her!

Ryan- Are you going to get back with her?

Justin-Uhh no I can't I'm with Ashley now I can't do that to her..I don't know right now but I have to go I'll text you bye

I hung up

I didn't want to believe it for many reason because to start off I wasn't there for her and I ignored her and it was important then to top it off if Ryan didn't tell me I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have let me know.

I started to get dress as quietly and quickly as I could without waking up Ashley but it was too late.

Ash- Where you going?
Justin- I'm so sorry..I can explain just not right now.

Ash- Of coarse you will...and I thought you weren't like the other guys.

Justin-Ugh please don't think like that it's an emergency I promise I can explain later when I find out whats going on. 

Ash- What is it about?!

Before I could answer I was out the door heading to my car.

Ali's P.O.V.

I got to the place and sat into the photographer's office and tried to explain what I wanted

A- I want like a calender of my belly getting bigger and bigger as the moths get closer and for the extra couple of pages I want like memories and stuff I don't know... I trust you James to work your magic.

James- Don't worry about it I will make it perfect as long as I'm invited to the baby showers and parties love.

A- You know it!
James- Let's get started...now do you want the father in this?
A- Umm the father isn't in the picture..

James- No worries anyway you have a loving perfect family that is there for you.

Mom- Thank you so much!
So we took the pictures and theese are some and how they came out


We were on the last photo when I called Greg and mom mom to take the photo with me and it was fun we laughed our ass off when all of a sudden the back door opened up and slammed shut. All I saw was a tell, brown hair, and hazel eyed guy walk in. He looked pissed yet confused and happy. It was Justin. We all got silent and you can tell by the look on my face I was speechless.

Mom- Greg lets.. go call dad and make sure he's okay with Jordyn...

Greg- Do I have to....I want to see this!

My mom grabbed his shoulder and they left outside

I told everyone to take a break and I walked towards Justin..

A- Hey umm how did you know I was here?
J- When were you going to tell me??

A- Looked like you didn't care anyways!I called you 6 WEEKS ago!! You never called me me back! I told you it was very important and you told me it can wait! So Justin you have no right to come up in here acting like your the victim because last time I checked I'm the pregnant on doing every fucking thing on my own with no type of help from you. 

J- I was busy and I didn't think you were calling to tell me you were pregnant! I'm sorry!

A- Let me guess you were too busy fucking Ashley.. If she is you top priority that's fine I don't need you. 







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