A New Start

Aaliyah Is 18 years old and just moved to California from New Jersey. Her parents wanted her to start off new from having to deal with problems at her old school. Little does she know she is living next door to Justin Bieber. Watch how both lives change for the better or for the worst!


6. The Party

Ali's P..O.V

    Its been about two weeks since I last saw Justin. But my mom doesn't have a clue what happen that night, I just see how her and Pattie have been getting really close and I don't want to ruin it...

   That night Justin sent me texts saying I'm sorry but I haven't replied. I think he gets the memo that I need space. I just feel so bad that he practically cheated on Selena. Anyways I've me some friends since I've been here. You all know Ariana Grande.. the amazing singer. Well I told her most of the stuff about Justin just to rant to her and she understands me. Also I met a guy at Chipotle named Ryan. Today me and Ariana are going to go to the beach and she is coming over in about an hour.  

    It did't take long to get dress.. I put my hair in a messy bun and looked through my bin full of bathing suits, trust me I have a lot my summer contains going down the shore. I went with a red bikini and grabbed sunglasses, tanning oil, a towel, and money. I went in my parents room to tell them that I was going

"Ma I'm going out to the beach with friends"
" Is that including Mr. Justin"? she asked with a smirk on her face

"No" I rolled my eyes and went downstairs

My phone started to ring and I answered it

"Hey i'm outside waiting" Ariana said 

"Kay I'm coming"

(A- Ari  M-me)

A- damn girl your house is huge

M- your not the first to say that one

A- how are you in Jay

M- we don't talk to each other and I haven't seen him in two weeks

A- well lets go hit the beach I want to get int he water

We got to the beach and there were so many people and it was so hot 

I went to take off my cover up and I heard someone say 

" Damn, look at dat ass in the bikini"
I turned around to see who it was...

"Ryan!!" I ran up to him and hugged him

M- This is my friend Ari meet Ryan 

R- Look so I'm having a party at my house so how about you two stop by?
We both said sure and went to tan.

Justin's P.O.V.

  I just got back from the studio and got a text from my best friend Ryan

To Justin From Ryan:
Aye u still up to the party tonight? Don't bail out on me bro

To Ryan from Justin:
You know it

I needed to get my mind off of Aliyah.. in a way I felt bad that I kissed her but at the same time she kissed me back.. i don't know but that means she doesn't have to ignore me

Ali P.O.V

 We had so much fun at the beach I'm becoming really good friends with Ryan and I kinda see some chemistry but i don't know if i still like Justin but right now I'm at my house in my bedroom with Ari getting dress for Ryan's party. I wore a red short dress that was cut on the sides and black heals with a necklace and earrings. I straighten my hair and put it all to one side. Ari was wearing a dress that was short and covered her boobs and had her back out and red heals she curled her hair and we both put on red lipstick and mascara and eye liner. 

A- Are you ready I want to put the heals to work

M- Wait wait wait we are missing a pic

Ari took the pic and put it on twitter:

Out with this bitch tonight going all out that @thenameisaliyah #iloveyou #party

When we got to Ryan's house there had to be at least 150 people here and it just started. Me and Ari split up and I went to find Ryan.

R- hey do you want a drink

A- Um sure... one won't hurt 

Don't think that I drink a lot because I don't.. sometimes but I'm not the drunk girl falling down staircases

After playing beer pong with Ryan and friends I was wasted but I tried to keep it calm

R- Do you like Cali?
A- Um. Yea.I.Guess

R- Are you okay?
A- ahaha why wouldn't I be.. Ryan guess what I have a secret for you

I went up to his ear and told him

A- I like you soooooo much

We started making out he took me over to the couch and was rubbing my back as our tongs fought.

I went up to breath and looked around the room and saw the one person that I would have never guess... Justin

He had a angry but yet sad look on his face

R- Whats wrong babe?
A- Um I will be back in a few mins

Justin was heading out of the door 

A- Justin wait I said grabbing his arm

J- Don't touch me.. you think its not alright to kiss me but its okay for you to make out with my best friend

I started crying

A- I am so- and it happened I couldn't hold it in any longer

*Puke* * Puke*

I hit the sidewalk and that's when everything went blank

Justin's P.O.V

She hit the ground and layed there crying I could't leave her there so I picked her up bridal style and she layed her head on my chest. She smelled like perfume with a side of vomit and alcohol. I drove to my house and didn't even take her to my bedroom because my mom would hear and tell her mom. I grabbed blankets and made my way to my basement.

She woke up and ran straight to the bathroom.

I held her long brown hair as the was getting the waste out.

She got up and walked to the couch and layed down. I layed right next her and that's when she said

"Please Justin, cuddle with me"
I got closer towards her and wrapped my arm her and rubbed her back.

" I'm sorry about everything today" she whispered

" Don't worry about it"


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