A New Start

Aaliyah Is 18 years old and just moved to California from New Jersey. Her parents wanted her to start off new from having to deal with problems at her old school. Little does she know she is living next door to Justin Bieber. Watch how both lives change for the better or for the worst!


12. The Necklace

     I decided to go on tour with Justin because I noticed we been fighting a lot lately for stupid things but I want to see him perform because that is his favorite thing in the world to do and I don't want to not be there for him. But on the other note today is my birthday! I never noticed so much you have to do for a party!

     I am having it at my house and this week I have been running around Cali like a chicken with it's head chopped of. You have to send out invites, find a dj, get a photo booth, get food and drinks, get my outfit, decorations, a cake.. SHIT! I have been super busy that I forgot to pick up the cake. I'll just call Jay to do it..

A- Hey can you pick up the cake for me?

J- No I'm doing stuff..

A- What is so important that you can't 20 mins out your day for me?!

J- I'm at the fucking studio!
A- You don't have a curse at me I asked you to do one thing for me all today. Your the one that said babe i will help you if you need help and you have not done shit yet.

J- Well you think I am going to stop I told you I am busy just get someone else to do it.

A- Fine Justin you know what go fuck yourself because I am always there for you and the one thing I asked you to do you can't do it. Your probably not even at the fucking studio your probably cheating on me because lately that is your excuse for everything. I am tired of you and screw it I'm not going on tour with you bring your new chick.

J- What is your problem?!?

I hung up the phone and called Dan and he agreed to pick up the cake for me and my mom said she will decorate while I take a shower and get ready.. 

   After I got out the shower the only thing that was on my mind is Justin probably wasn't going to show up I really said some messed up stuff but that is the stuff that builds up in my mind like he doesn't want to hang out anymore he just is so distant and I don't get why! 

I wore this and some Gorgeous heals my dad got my a couple of weeks ago yes I am a daddy's girl!:

I finished my makeup and went downstairs and it looked amazing the theme was black and red and my mom pulled it off! People were showing up and I invited 250 people some from Cali and Jersey.  I saw Dan but he didn't have a cake when he walked through the door?
A- Hey!

D- Looking smexy there he said while reaching for a hug

A- Aye I have a boyfriend and you don't look bad yourself I said while blushing

D- I went to go pick up the cake but the lady said that someone already came to get it..

With him saying that Justin walked through the door with the cake in his hand and put it on the table and I had the biggest smile on my face. Not only because he got the cake but he showed up.

J- WOW.... You look amazing... 

He grabbed my waist and and went to kiss me but I turned my head

He gave me a confused look and I said to follow me 

I took him into my room to talk

A- Im still pissed you blew me off to go to the studio

J- On my part that was wrong of me I just been stressed with tour and music and I am not cheating on you and I would never hurt you like that.. I promise I will be there for you. The last couple of weeks I have been hurting you, neglecting you, and just ignoring you. Sometimes my minds just want to zone everyone out and I need to learn to not do that because you mean a lot to-

I couldn't hear it anymore I kissed him 

A- Now you and shut up and let you lips do the talking.. I bit my lip

Justin grabbed my chin and we had a short make out session then went downstairs and partied..

Everyone was having fun taking pictures, dancing, drinking and god knows what else

I was dancing with Justin first then went and took shots with Ari and played beer pong with Ryan and then got drunk and kissed Dan then after I kissed Dan I made out with Justin some more.. I didnt know what I was doing but I started grinding on some guy there.. then I turned my head and saw a girl dancing on Justin all I lastly remember is hitting the girl and everything else went blank

~The Next Day~

I had a huge hangover but I knew I had to get up because we had to catch a plane in two hours. I pulled off the covers and I was just in my bra and thong.. I must have done something I looked at my phone and Justin texted me.


   Don't talk to me again.. We r done and your fucking birthday gift is on your dresser

I saw a jewlery bag and I pulled out a necklace that was all diamond shaped in a heart and on the back it said J&A Till The End..

I'm screwed what did I do...



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