A New Start

Aaliyah Is 18 years old and just moved to California from New Jersey. Her parents wanted her to start off new from having to deal with problems at her old school. Little does she know she is living next door to Justin Bieber. Watch how both lives change for the better or for the worst!


18. The Letter

Ali's P.O.V.

      The plane ride was great and the whole time Justin was being a sweet heart. We were now in the car and it felt good to smell the Californian air. As we turned onto the street that I knew very well a smile grew onto my face.

J- 932 Chaptmen Ave.. You must be glad to be back huh? 

A- In some ways yes I was getting homesick but in someways I'm happy we are only here for 5 days I like being on my own and spending it with you... it was fun.

J- Your too cute I loved spending it with you too we might have committed a crime but it's cool

We just starred close to each other's eyes and at the time we both wanted to kiss.

But the car stopped. I pulled away and got out

A- Um I guess I will talk to you later.. text me we have to hang out!
J- Yea! No problem!

I got my suit cases and made my way to the door when I put in my key and everyone was screaming WELCOME HOME! 

A- God I missed you all so freaking much!
My Brother- I missed you for change.. 

A- Eww you did... I did too

D- I thought you said you were bring home some guy you claimed your "boyfriend"

A- Well that didn't work out well once again I was cheated on but its okay I got him back well

M- Oh hun what did you do...

A- Went to his house took all his stuff (clothes) put it in the yard, set it on fire and Justin might have broke his nose

D- Yes! That's my girl and I've always liked that Justin kid.

M- Well why don't you get settled in and get ready in about two hours we are going to have dinner next door.

A- Kay

As I went to grab my suit case my dad said he can handle it and he followed me to my room and put the things in a corner

A- Thanks..

D- One more thing before I leave.. you should think about Justin he's great for you

A- Dad I screwed things up with him I don't deserve him and I'm not good enough for him..

D- Don't you ever say that about yourself! Everyone makes mistakes and you learn from them.. win him back because he does deserve you

With that he left. Maybe he was right

My phone dinged

From Juustinn <3: Hey did you settle in yet?

To Juustinn <3: Not really had to explain what happened with Jacob.. let's Just say my dad loves you now..

From Juustinn <3: Good no one wants to be on your dad's bad side lol he knows ppl he can get me killed in 2.0 secs lmao

To Juustinn <3:

Lmaoo that had to be the funniest thing you have ever said Bye Justin I'm taking a shower!


   I unpacked and took a nap but not for long because my mom woke me up saying I have a hour to get ready:

I showered, shaved, washed my hair and blow dried it too while jamming to the Fun. album my hair ended up my this:

And I decided to wear this outfit:

I went downstairs but I didn't hear anyone I checked all the rooms and everyone was gone it was dark and my back door was wide open I ran to my phone and called Justin

A- I think someone took my family for ransom Justin you gotta get over here!

J- Calm down and walk outside and read the envelope on the stairs..

I grabbed the envelope and read it..


This is this exact spot you tripped down the steps and I fell in love with you. I knew from that day we had to be together. I know we have our ups and downs and we go through a lot of shit but let's forgive and forget. We both made mistakes that regret but being with someone else isn't an option. I love staring into those big brown eyes, I love holding your tiny waist, I love your squeaky annoying laugh when we tell our inside jokes, I love when you scrunch up your nose when you get mad, or when you furrow your eyebrows, I love when you argue even when you know your wrong, I love how you deal with my beliebers and will wait as I take pictures, I love watching you dance and snore as you sleep. I love every little thing about you and I'm going to get to the point and say... (walk outside your back door)

As I walk out I follow the candles leading all the was to Justin's back yard.. there he stood with candles and rose peddles in the water spelling out "Will You Be My Girlfriend". All I hear is my family and Justin's family including Jazzy and Jaxon screaming "say yes!"

J- So Aaliyah Nicole will you take me back once again and be my girlfriend?

I was speechless and my eyes were full with tears with my hands on my face

A- Yes!

He ran up to me and took my hands off of my face and kissed me. Everyone ran outside and we all had a group hug.

A- You all knew about this?!

JM- Yup we helped plan it all took some time but it was worth it.

A- Thank you Thank you all now let's go eat!
~After Dinner~ 

I home and god I was tired! My feet were killing me

A- Thanks again for tonight 

D- No problem we have one more surprise for you.. your brother already knows

A-Oh god I wonder what this one is..

M- We are expecting another family member.. I'm having a baby!

A- That's great do you know what the sex is?

M- No not yet we will find out this week!
A- Im so happy right now I can't even explain. It's been a long night so I think I'm going to bed.

D- See you in the morning

I went to my room and called Justin 

J- Hey babe! Wait do you want me to call you that?

A- Yes I love it

A- Thanks for tonight that was phonominal and all I could ever ask for

J- Anything for you.. Open your window

I went to my window and hung up the phone because Justin was now in my room

A- Guess what?!


A- My mom is having a baby!

J- Are you excited?

A- Yes hopefully it's a girl..

J- If it looks anything like you it would be gorgeous because your parents make perfect kids.

I kissed when what turned into a make out session which turned into us under the covers as our naked warm body cuddled together and as I listen to his heart beat laying on his chest I asked

A- Do you want to stay the night?

J- Of course I will babe.


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