A New Start

Aaliyah Is 18 years old and just moved to California from New Jersey. Her parents wanted her to start off new from having to deal with problems at her old school. Little does she know she is living next door to Justin Bieber. Watch how both lives change for the better or for the worst!


11. Should I Go?

Aaliyah's P.O.V.

I forgot that I was wearing a shirt that you can see the bruise so I asked Justin if I could borrow one of his sweatshirts and when I came downstairs I saw that I had two missed calls from my mom I called her back

M: Hey come over for a minute you have a visitor.

A: Oh k??

" You guys I will be back my mom wants me" I kissed Justin goodbye and walked over to my house. The whole way there I was wondering who it could be because I barley know anyone in Cali. I opened the door and standing in front of me was my old friend Megan. I met Megan at a resort in Jamaica and she lived all the way in Ohio and we kept in touch hoping to hang out.

Meg: I heard you moved to Cali and my parentss are divorced and I'm here to visit my dad  for the summer and when I heard you were dating the one and only Justin Bieber I had to visit.

Ali: Can you stay the night we are having a sleepover at his house come!
Mel: Sure ill tell my dad to bring some clothes over later!
We walked back to Justin's house and went to the arcade room.

M:Everyone this is Megan shes an old friend..

Ryan: Does your friend have a boyfriend? with a smirk on his face

Meg:Nope im single..

He took her hand and kissed it

Meg:Your just like the others

Meg; I forgot to give my bestfriend a hug!!!
When she went for hug she squeezed so tight the pain felt like I was getting stabbed 20 times you can tell that I was about to cry

Everyone turned towards me and had a questioned look on their face except for Justin he was looking down...

A: Im fine Im fine...

Chaz: Lets play truth or dare?!?!
Everyone said okay and we all sat in a giant circle and played Chaz was first 

C:Ali truth or dare?
A: Truth

C: What happen to you arm and don't lie?
A; Ummm I was in my gym and on the tredmill and when I was running I fell off and hit the wall..

Everyone was laughing even Justin

J:Sorry to hear that babe

Ali:My turn Ryan truth or dare

R; Dare baby!
A: I dare you and Meg to go in the closet for 5 mins together

They both got up and walked towards the closet. 5 minutes passed and Meg came out with a smile and a huge hickie on her neck

Ari: You two are too cute together!
The rest of the night we played games.. Justin got dared to skinny dip and I saw everything lets just say Jerry is big.. we stated to get hungry so we ordered a shit load of stuff from Dominos.. we all played the wii and sat and talked the night was amazing just getting to chill with new friends. Back in Jersey I wasn't a loser but I wasn't liked by everyone I had my own group. I think moving here made me find who I am. If I would have never moved I would have never met Justin and he is a great guy, yes we have ups and downs but all couples do. I was over the whole hitting thing because I know it would never happen again. I can't believe I'm saying this but I might be in love with him.

I didn't notice how long I was staring at him but he got up and came to sit next to me 

J- I notice you staring at me with a smile on your face lol why?

A- I was noticing how lucky I'm to have you and thank you for putting up with everything and thats it 

I yawned

J- You must be tired.. Come on lets show everyone their rooms and you can sleep in mines..

I gave him a kiss and went upstairs

Ari and Megan shared a room that had double beds, Chaz slept in a guess room, Ryan slept in a guess room and Alison did the same.

Justin came in and threw himself on top of me and layed there

A- You must be tired?

J- I had a long day and I'm happy I could end it with you

A- Aww you are too cute 

J- Oh and by the way great job lying 

A- haha I'm technically not lying I did fall in the gym and hit the wall what can I say I am a cluts

We started laughing

J- Aaliyah Nicole I love you!


A- Justin Drew Bieber I love you too!

Our lips smashed together and I never felt so many sparks and fireworks ever before. It felt like our first kiss all over again. He rubbed my side and my thigh and his tong asked to explore my mouth. At the time I was a virgin and was waiting for the right guy to loose it to and I know Justin is the guy. I was pretty sure he wasn't one he probably slept with Selena but at the time I didn't care.

J-Are you sure you wanna do this?

I had one hand on this face and my eyes were falling deep into his hazel eyes

A- Yes 

He kissed me and put his hand in my shirt and took it off, after that off came my bra.I got on top of him and started taking off his shirt then I kissed from his abs to his neck he rolled me back over so that he was on the top. He inserted his Jerry and at first it hurt like a bitch and I let out a moan.

J- Are you okay?

A- Just keep going!
He thrust and thrust and thrust and each time he went faster and fast and don't worry he put on a condom.

I started screaming his name as he went faster and faster...

I was my turn and I gave him a blowjob and after he reached the climax I layed my head on his chest and went to sleep..

Justin's P.O.V.

I woke up and had Ali laying on my chest she looked so peaceful when she sleeps I slowly tried to get up and make my way to the shower. After I showered and made my way downstairs and saw Chaz and Ryan eating in the kitchen

I started to laugh and threw a Orange at him

R- I see you had an amazing night 

J- What are you talking about?

C- Explain all the scratches on your back and the screaming... you did it with Aaliyah!
J- Yes I did...

Ry_ How was it is she better than Selena

J- Yea by far! For her first time she is really good... Im going to go back upstairs see you in a little..

When I got upstairs I saw Ali wasn't in bed and her phone was buzzing it was Dan texting her I opened her lock and went to his contact and deleted him.. She won't be getting anything from hi for a while.

A- OMG did I do that to your back??
J- Ha yea not we have matching scars.. its alright i don't care.. did I hurt you last night

A- No Im okay I can take pain.. Just a little sore but I don't care 

Aaliyah's P.O.V.

I got up and showered in Justin's bathroom and decided to wear this:

Without the jacket.. I put my hair up into a high pony tail because I didn't want to do my hair and I put on light make up on.. Everyone was now down stairs so I went to see what they were up to but I don't think the guys knew I was coming so I listened to their conversation

Chaz: How much so you like her because Justin this is the longest realashonship you have ever stuck to other than Selena

Justin: Its different like I love her and I can see us being together for a long time

Chaz: Did you tell her that you go back on tour in a week

Ali: Where are you going in a week?

Justin: Hey beautiful.. umm I go back on tour in a week and I was going to tell you and even ask if you wanted to come.

Ali: I have to think about it.. I am going shopping with girls so see you later

When Me, Megan, Ariana, and Allison got to the mall we shopped like theres no tomorrow 

Ari: Are you buying clothes to go with Justin on tour

Ali: I'm not sure if I want to go...

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