A New Start

Aaliyah Is 18 years old and just moved to California from New Jersey. Her parents wanted her to start off new from having to deal with problems at her old school. Little does she know she is living next door to Justin Bieber. Watch how both lives change for the better or for the worst!


28. On My Own

Aaliyah's P.O.V.

I opened up all the tests and read the directions

A- Okay..pretty simple.. pee in the cup,place them in the stick,get answers in two minutes

I peed in the cup and put them inside and walked out the bathroom

M-So what's the answer?
A- Got to find out in two minutes

Ari- Holy shit! It's taking so long!

A- I know like I'm shaking so bad

M- Well go check.

I walked into the bathroom and for some reason I was shaking and my heart was beating fast.What if Justin hates me for it or something is wrong with the baby or if I have to raise this baby alone.

I looked at the first one


Second one..




I walked out the bathroom just in shock and crying

M- It's positive huh?

A- I'm not that sad though I'm happy I'm having a kid I'm just nervous for Justin's reaction

Ari- Just call him like NOW

Justin P.O.V.

I was siting on a bench with Ashley and we were just having a deep conversation when my phone rings

I look and see it's Aaliyah funny part is I still didn't change her contact so it says"Ali the most prettiest and amazing girlfriend in the world"

J-Yes Aaliyah?

A- There's something I need to talk to you about?
J- Well I'm kinda busy right now so I'm pretty sure what ever it is it can wait until later

A- Uh yeah no problem... I guess it's not important to you so I'll just handle it on my own

Before I could say another word she hung up the phone

I just don't get her sometimes like one second she wants to be together then the next shes focusing on school or thinks it's best to not to date. I kind of wonder what it is but right now I'm focusing on Ashley because she is such a sweet girl and I like how funny she is and understanding and maybe soon I will ask her to be my girlfriend

Ashley- Is everything okay?

J- Yeah don't worry about it you know what you should be worry about?
Ashley- Oh god what is it?

J- What your going to wear on our next date?

Ashley- Who said there was going to be one?
J- Because I have a feeling your going to say a big fat yes

We looked into each others eyes and smiled I looked down at her lips for the request and we kissed

I took a picture and posted it on shots,twitter, and instagram

Aaliyah's P.O.V.

A- He didn't want to talk and now I fucking know why because he's with this bitch making out with her!

Ari- Ali don't look at that please...

A- NO! It's fine I don't even have to tell him. I can raise raise this baby all on my own without anyone's help at all! I have my own money, I will get a job, I will get my own place and do it! I got my self into this and I could handle it on my own with the help of my true best friends and my family

We had one big group hug and I got a knock on my door and in walked my brother and father and baby sister

Dad- Heard your having a kid?
Now my dad has a yelling deep Jersey  type voice and even if he is happy or sad or mad it never changes.

Everyone got quiet..

A- How did you know...

Dad- Aye I'm not dumb I know things because your mother texts me from the living room 

A- Yeah I am.

Dad- I'm happy for you and this kid is lucky to have a family like ours and is going to give you the responsibility you need now wheres Justin

A- He doesn't know and he has a girlfriend and when I tried to tell him it didn't go that good.. he didn't listen
Dad- You want me to kick his ass.

A- No dad if anything I'm going to do it on my own

Dad- Good you sure you don't want me to kick his ass?

We all laughed so hard and had one big hug 


Well you guys how do you think Justin will act to find out hes a daddy?

I won't be updating for a week I'm going on a trip and won't have time to update but the day I come back you will have one!

While I'm gone I hoping at least 10 comments and thanks for the 1k of views! Yay!

Thanks for reading lovies!

Love you all 

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