A New Start

Aaliyah Is 18 years old and just moved to California from New Jersey. Her parents wanted her to start off new from having to deal with problems at her old school. Little does she know she is living next door to Justin Bieber. Watch how both lives change for the better or for the worst!


3. It will Last Longer Bieber

  "Umm may I help you"?.. he said

"I'm Aaliyah and I just moved next door and my mom is kinda forcing me to make friends so here is a cake."

"Oh come in I'm Justin"he said

Now you might think that I'm some big fan of him but actually I'm not. I feel like all pop stars are all the same.. You know.. cocky, full of themselves, spend all their money on worthless shit, clubbing, and just very stereotypical. Now maybe Justin isn't like that and the media is making it all up but who am i to judge. I just have to get to know him I guess.

Justin P.O.V

When I went to go open door I saw this beautiful girl standing in front of me. She had long flowing brown hair, a bright smile, and amazing brown eyes that I can stare into for days. But something about her just seemed like she wasn't a "fan" of me but I totally get it.... give her time she will end up liking me.

"Im Aaliyah and I just moved next door and my mom is forcing me to make friends so here is a cake"

She was funny and had a sweet voice but she seemed a little shy too.

"Im Justin come in"

Why would I say that obviously she knows I am Justin Bieber and you can tell because her job dropped when I opened the door  haha

"Hey if you want you can come in my basement and we can just talk and get to know each other"

She followed me into my basement and sat on my couch

A- Aaliyah   J-Justin

A- Your house is really nice

J- Thanks How long have you been living here?

A- I just moved in this morning and My mom got a job here, we moved here from New Jerseu

J- Oh so do you have that Jersey accent haha

A- Nope! popping the p hahaha

Her laugh was too cute I couldn't help but to laugh

J- You should let me show you around one day

A- Maybe Bieber..

"Justin who was at the doo-"  my mom said.

J- Its the new girl that moved in next door

A- I do have a name... Hi my name is Aaliyah and I just came to drop off a cake my mom made and if you both aren't busy you are welcome to come over for dinner around 7.

P- Sounds wonderful and like fun we will be there

A- Well I better get back my parents are probably wondering what is taking so long. 

J- I will walk you to the door.

Aaliyah P.O.V

As I walked back to my house I thought to myself Justin wasn't that bad and he was even more cute in pers- WAIT what are you saying to yourself Ali don't fall for him! All he is going to do is screw you over!

A-Ali     M-mom    D-dad (I only do this when its a big convo it kinda saves time *lazy*)

I went straight to the family room and sat next to my dad. 

M- Did they like the cake?

A- Yup but you forgot to mention we lived next door to Justin Bieber

D- Hun you must love it then remember when you use to have hundreds of posters of him in your room

A- That was the old me plus he changed...

B- I wish I would was there to see you ugly face when he opened the door

A- Shut up! I wish I was there when you were adopted

M- why do you tell him he is adopted when I clearly gave birth to him

A- idk... its a little funny

B- Its okay ma, wait until you tell her that you found her on the doorstep 

A- Oh yea! They are coming over for dinner in about an hour

M- when were you going to tell me this! Everyone go shower and get dress in something nice ill go start dinner!

I went upstairs and took a quick shower and went through my closet.. I found this really nice dress

I put on red heals with it and my hair was just like in the picture I also did smokey eye and the door bell started to ring

"Ali the guest are here hurry down here"

Justin P.O.V 

When Aaliyah's mom opened the door and we walked in no one seemed to  be ready yet. Their house was a little bit smaller but the way they decorated you would never guess.

"Ali the guest are here hurry down here"


She was at the top of the stairs and god she looked sexy.. she started walking down and when she almost made it to the bottom she fell


A- hahahaha I'm okay don't worry 

J- Maybe you should lay off the six inch heals for today

As she was walking into im guessing the dinning room I couldn't help but to stare at her ass

" Take a picture it last longer Bieber"

"Maybe I will" I whispered in her ear.


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