A New Start

Aaliyah Is 18 years old and just moved to California from New Jersey. Her parents wanted her to start off new from having to deal with problems at her old school. Little does she know she is living next door to Justin Bieber. Watch how both lives change for the better or for the worst!


17. It Will Get Better

Justin's P.O.V.

         I couldn't believe that Ali did that. She could be a potential crazy ass ex-girlfriend. We were on our way home and the car ride was silent.

A- I'm sorry I dragged you into my issues. I just feel so dumb and  stupid from hitting him.

J- It's not your fault I promise you that and he deserve that shit.. how about we keep another secret and not tell anyone what happen tonight?

        We got to the tour bus and Scooter was sitting on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy.

S-Took you guys awhile to get back where were you two?

J- Um... we got hungry and decided to stop at McDonald's.. then there were fans so I took some pictures with them.

S- Alright you two love birds..

A- We aren't dating Scooter.

     For the first time tonight I saw her smile. Scooter left, and as soon as the bus door had closed Aaliyah raced to the bathroom.

Aaliyah's P.O.V.

   When I'm stressed out I get bad anxiety and throw up and cry. I was stressed from Jacob cheating on me. You know how many times I stood up for him to Justin? I thought that he was a great guy and I was starting to have strong feelings for him and to find out he cheated on me. In the car I thought of how many times Justin was there for me and how much shit I put him through. I never truly told him and noticed how much I love him. We been through so much but I never give up. 

J- You okay in there?? he said as twisting the doorknob.

A- I don't want you to see me like this give me 5 minutes. I'm fine.

I walked out and laid on the bed I just wasn't feeling like myself. Justin came in and climbed into bed with me. He just hugged me and put his chin on my head. 

~30 mins later~

J- Weird question but your not pregnant right?

A- WHAT No?!? To be honest I hurt you in many ways I wish I could take back but I wouldn't do that to you...

J- Good because the throwing up and your mood swings gave off that impression. Plus I was praying you weren't I was hoping that would have been us some day?

I started laughing

A- Justin you have a girlfriend Selena!
J- Na we broke up a couple days after I slept with you. I realized I wasn't over you and I truly apologize from not spending time with you and not paying attention to you. Us breaking up was part my fault too.

A- It was my fault I was stupid and I learned that think before doing the action I'm the cheater you aren't..

We just laid there staring at the door, ceiling, and wall. Until I heard snoring. I looked and he was sleep I gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered thanks. He held my waist tighter as I was trying to go sleep on the couch. 

J- Please no string attach, no sex, no kissing, just sleep with me tonight.

I felt like I owed him at least that.

~The Next Morning~

Justin's P.O.V.

I opened my eyes and had a smile on my face I slept with the girl of my dreams.. until I looked up and Scooter was standing there?

S- And you guys say your not in love listen up sleepy heads pack up and be ready in a hour we are going to Cali for a break!

A- Really?! I'm so happy I get to go home to my family! How long is the break?
S- 5 days then your back we only have a month and half left on tour 

Before I knew it Aaliyah was out of the bed and getting into the shower.

While she was showering I went on twitter and followed a few fans I love making them happy

A- Hey get in the shower we don't have much more time. Ali was wearing this:

Anything she wears looks great on her and now that we are I can express what I want to say

J- Damn looking sexy just to get on a plane huh?
She playfully hit me with her bag and I got up and showered. I put on something quick and soon as we knew it we were on our way back to Cali!

Ali P.O.V.

Justin was being so sweet on the plane and then he bought up a question I didn't know how to answer.

J- SO when we get back to Cali do you think we have a chance of getting back together?
A- I think there's a chance bieber but for a little I think I want to stay single.. I want to find who I am and I was a terrible girlfriend who cheated and I need a break. Don't get me wrong I love you but maybe we should stay friends?

  I knew this was the biggest lie I could ever had told I didn't want to be "friends" I wanted to be his girlfriend... but don't worry it won't be long until I am ;)


Ayee I missed you guys I know I know I haven't in a long time but don't worry I will again soon.

Please leave comments it really helps. Love yaahhhss <3



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