A New Start

Aaliyah Is 18 years old and just moved to California from New Jersey. Her parents wanted her to start off new from having to deal with problems at her old school. Little does she know she is living next door to Justin Bieber. Watch how both lives change for the better or for the worst!


27. I'm Late..

AJustin's P.O.V.

If you could have guessed coffee went well and you can imagine what happened next.. Ali and I tend to get off our friend subject a lot.. ;)

But it's been awhile since we talked and I'm at the studio with a few people.

Ryan- Haven't heard about your love life lately Justin

Justin- There's nothing to talk about because there isn't one 

Ryan- So your telling  me nothing went down at the whole "coffee" with Aaliyah??

Justin- Yeah something did happen but like that doesn't make us dating and I don't think she wants to

My phone started to ring and it was Ashley Moore and of coarse Ryan saw that

Ryan- For all that don't know Ashley is a hot model who just did a photo shoot with Justin.... He's going for two at once

All the guys started laughing and cheering 

J- HEY! Watsup?
A- Hey I was calling to see if you wanted to go out for lunch or something

J-Yeah sure I would what time is good with you?

A- Maybe like in an hour... I'll text you an address where we can meet up.

J- Okay see you then

Aaliyah's P.O.V.

A-"Its been over a week and he still hasn't called me" 

Ari-"Maybe he's just really busy with the studio and things"

I was on twitter and Justin just tweeted "In the studio but can't wait to hang out with @AshleyMoore ;)"

Both of our faces dropped 

A- See once again he hasn't changed one bit I'm glad I said no to going out with him. But it's annoying how one minute he's on board with the whole trying to make it work and next second he just moves on the another chi-

I didn't feel good I ran to the bathroom and threw up as Ariana held my hair up

Ari- Are you okay??? You don't look good.

A- It's fine I just been a little nauseous for a couple days. I think it's something I ate.

Ari- Are you sure about that?

A- Yeah I tried this weird place out for dinner a few days ago

Ari- Wait... me and you both get our periods around the same time as each other

A- Okay... and what does that have to do with anything

Ari- Aaliyah I'm on mine now!

A- Shit.... and I'm not 

  We took the car ride to the pharmacy and the whole time I couldn't stop shaking

Ari- Do me favor and stop shaking the damn car!
A- Sorry I'm nervous..if I am then I have to stop school,find my own place,get a job,and raise a kid

Ari- How do you think Justin is going to take it?

We walked inside and found the tests there were so many I didn't know what one to get

A- Which one?

Ari- I dont know... how about this one Clearblue it seems good

We got about 5 of them just to make sure they are good and just to be safe

A- Justin is great with kids but I have no clue how he would take it when he finds out and he's focusing on his career and I want this kid to know that he or she comes first not publicity.

Cashier- That will be $37.26 

Ali- Thanks

We got back to the house and my mom was in the living room and sadly you have to past the living room to get to my room

M- Hey guys where did you guys go?

Ali-Just went... to get.. something to eat

M- What does getting something to eat have to do with a pharmacy?
Ari- Ali just tell her... she might can help

We both sat across from her and I took a deep breath and just said it

Ali- Last week I saw Justin at the Supermarket and I fell for I'm once again and agreed to go out for coffee but then when it was over we decided to walk around but then it rained an we were soaked so Justin said that his beach house was around the corner so we went and one thing left to another and we had sex. So I went home and like two days later I wasn't feeling good and I thought that it was the Mexican food that I ate but then Ariana reminded me that we both get our periods around the same time and I freaked out because mine is late so we went to get a few tests so we will go upstairs and see if I am and if I am I don't know what I'm going to do because that means I have to quit going to school,find a job, and raise a kid and I'm scared!


A- Sorry 

M- Let's just go upstairs and take the test. We need a starting point to all this.







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