A New Start

Aaliyah Is 18 years old and just moved to California from New Jersey. Her parents wanted her to start off new from having to deal with problems at her old school. Little does she know she is living next door to Justin Bieber. Watch how both lives change for the better or for the worst!


5. I Just Can't

(Justin P.O.V.)

I just got home from going to the recording studio with Ryan and I forgot my phone upstairs on my bed

"Ma, I'm back" I screamed as I was shutting the door.

I looked at my phone and I had 2 missed calls and 3 messages but the only one that stood out and I cared about was the one from Aaliyah..

Something about her just seemed different than Selena.. she just seemed down to earth and that she wasn't there for my fame and money. Then again I doubt that she would need it her parents got bank. 

I opened the message and read it:
     "Hey sorry I didn't respond to your texts... Yes I will like to hang out this weekend..maybe Saturday?"

I replied:

      "Saturday around 2 I will pick you up can't wait :-)"

I know I know you are probably thinking.. Yes I'm still dating Selena even at times I wish I wasn't but I wouldn't cheat on her and I just want to get to know Ali. Its not like we are going to date or something


(Ali's P.O.V)

        So I woke up and realized what today had in stored. I was going out with Justin. 


     "Good Afternoon Liyah aren't you going out with Justin in about an hour why aren't you up"?
I looked straight at my phone and it was 1:03

     "Shit, okay I'm going to go shower now"

I got up, hopped in the shower and went to my closet not knowing what to wear. Justin never told me details on where we were going. I just put on dark blue High-wasted jeans, a pair of white wedges,a royal blue strapless top, and the promise ring my parents gave me when I was 16. I put a few loose curls in my hair and just put on eye liner and mascara. I grabbed my phone, some money, lip gloss, and my licence and put it in a purse and went downstairs.

"Awwe your getting all pretty for Mr. Justin Bieber aren't you" my annoying brother said while sticking his tongue out. 

I hit him upside the head with my purse.

I went into the kitchen and starting eating the fruit my mom left me. As I was sitting there I flipped through a magazine that was on the counter... my mom  must have bought it today...


I thought that they were over I guess not... in a way I'm a little bit sad because I was starting to like Justin a bit but.. Oh well I guess.

*Beep Beep*

Damn he was right on time

" I'll be back in a little bye"

( A- Aaliyah    J-Justin) ( Just to make our lives easier)

I got into his car and I gotta say it was nice

J- Hey, you really pretty today

A- Thanks not so bad yourself

J- So.. I didn't really plan anything I was just going to wing it. How bout we go eat?
A- Sound okay can we go to T.G.I.Fridays



We both just sat there and laughed for a few minutes...

       When we got there we got a table and of course we did't have to wait long because he's Justin Bieber. 

J- What was the other reason you moved here... you said to get away from your past?

A- Yea... I did somethings thinking that I can trust my ex- boyfriend but really he ended up screwing me over by telling the whole school making me loose my friends and to top it off I found him cheating on me on the same day

J- Damn... Sorry to hear that... You know not all guys are like him

A- yea but its hard to tell and I would rather not take the chance

A- I heard you are back with Selena?
J- Yup.. popping the "P"

He seemed not that happy when he said yes but that is has nothing to do with me and I'm and not going to get into it.

After we finished dinner Justin asked if I wanted to come over to watch a movie so we drove to his house.

We went up to his room and I sat on the couch while he choose a movie.

J- I have Hangover, 21 Jump Street, and Frozen because Jazzy left here

A- haha how cute.. ummm 21 Jump Street

He put the movie in and sat on his bed and for the first ten minutes it was quiet and getting awkward

J- You know I don't bite you can come lay in the bed

I climbed in the bed and sat next to him. Half way through the movie somehow we found each other cuddling together. He was sleep and at the time I didn't want to wake him up. He was so warm and he smelled so good. All I remember is falling asleep.

I woke up to the sound of the ending credits of the movie. I looked at my phone and it was around 9. 

A- Justin, I'm going to go..

He woke up and all I heard was his raspy voice ti was kinda cute

J- No don't go stay the night 

A- I can't

He sat up and looked at me and got out his bed 

J- Fine..

A- I had a really good night.. actually it was one of the best nights I had in a long time

I went to hug him and we hugged for what felt like a very long time. He looked  up at me and our eyes met. Gosh those amazing hazel sparkling eyes. He leaned in and kissed me. I have to say It was amazing. One little peck turned into a little make-out session. He picked me up and put me on the bed and rubbed his hands on my thigh. Then I thought what the hell am I doing...

" Stop"

He kept kissing my neck.

He kept going... I pushed him off of me and he gave me a confused look

"As much as I was enjoying that I can't... you have a girlfriend...and I dont want to ruin anything" 

I started to cry....grabbed my things and went downstairs"

"Ali wait"!

"Justin I cant... I gotta go"


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