A New Start

Aaliyah Is 18 years old and just moved to California from New Jersey. Her parents wanted her to start off new from having to deal with problems at her old school. Little does she know she is living next door to Justin Bieber. Watch how both lives change for the better or for the worst!


15. Can't trust Anybody

Ali's P.O.V

 I was all ready for the concert and was excited yet scared. Justin and I drove together to the arena and when we arrived there were so many girls screaming. I hand was literally shaking and my heart was beating super fast.. I'm guessing Justin saw this because I looked towards my hand and he was holding it

"Don't be nervous it's fun and they are going to love you"!

I went straight back stage and got ready for the first song and it was "As Long As You Love Me".

We all gathered in a huge circle and prayed.


Justin hugged me and went out. I looked out the curtains and saw Jacob front row and center with a shirt saying 'my girl dances'. I went out and by the end of the performance I was tired out but that was just the beginning! At the end I went in my dressing room and changed into normal clothes hopefully Jacob and I would go get something to eat. I heard a knock and went to open it. 

"Great Job babe, I got you some flowers"

"Aww I love them" I said

He gave me a quick peck but I grabbed his neck and kissed him some more, he grabbed my hair and picked me up and put me on the counter, it escaladed quickly up to the point we both we shirtless but we were disturbed by another knock. 

Justin- Aye Ali you okay it's taking you a long time to change?

Ali- Um yea.... Um I will be out in a minute you don't have to wait for me.

"Once again I don't get you" Jacob said.

"Soon" I said biting my lip while putting back on my shirt.

Jacob's phone started to ring and he went outside the door to speak...

I could not help but to listen through the close door. Just like a normal girlfriend you would want to know who your boyfriend is talking to...


"No I'm not busy"

"Yea I will be there in a couple of minutes"

"Okay I love you too"

He walked back end and had a nervous look on his face..

A-Do you want to go grab a bite to eat?

J- Um..actaully I have to go...um babysit by baby brother sorry...

A- Oh um okay no problem?

He kissed me but I didn't kiss back. He opened the door and left. I used to get this feeling all the time when something was wrong like I was being cheated on... my old boyfriend in New Jersey use to do it all the time and I always let it go because I never thought I could find better and now I am not going to sit there and let it slide..

I was just going to drive home and watch t.v but Justin was in the parking lot and I knew when he found out I wouldn't get the end of it how he was right.

Jay-Ali! Wait up!

Ali- What Justin....

Jay- Why is you make-up all smudged?

Ali-I'm umm I was really hot and started sweating so.. my make-up smeared

Jay- Let me drive and we can go get something to eat?

A- Whatever Sure..

Jacob P.O.V.

 My phone started to ring and it was my girlfriend Carmen and told her I would come over and chill because I was in the mood to you know but obviously I can't with Aaliyah because we are always dealing with Justin, or we are disturbed, or she has her period and she don't want to. I'm tired of dealing with that.. shes also too nice. I was planning on breaking up with her soon.

I got to Carmen's house and she wanted to go eat out somewhere so we went to Mcdonalds..

Justin's P.O.V.

 The car ride was quiet and let me tell you Ali i never quiet unless she is pissed or sad... I knew that she been crying and if I find out Jacob did something I will kill him.

J-Why are you not with Jacob... I saw him at the concert...

A- He had to go somewhere..

J- You didn't open the door for me because you were getting freaky with him in your dressing room huh... let's just say you moan super loud.. I smiled because I saw the smirk on her face as she covered her face

A- Jay we didn't have sex... we made out 

J- Great I wasn't going to say nothing or get mad Ali with no shirt on??

She laughed even more

A- I am dying with laughter Justin I can't with you

J- I can see through the peep hole.. you really thought I wouldn't spy on you two just because I ga ve you my approval doesn't mean I still have feeling for you... I think we still have a chance some day

A- Maybe one day....

Ali's P.O.V.

We went inside Mcdonalds and waited online to order and in the corner of the place I saw a couple sucking faces and the guy's hand down the girl's shirt.. plain disgusting!

A- You know what bothers me? When couples P.D.A. in a public place.. that's why they invented rooms

Justin chuckled and looked back and had the same look on his face but quickly changed into curiosity

A- Whats wrong this is when your suppose to laugh

J- Yea umm its funny but umm dont freak out when I saw this but... don't that look like the jacket Jacob was wearing tonight?

My heart dropped I walked straight up to the table and turned the guy around and it was who we thought it was... 

And not for the first time ever.. I have been cheated on


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