A New Start

Aaliyah Is 18 years old and just moved to California from New Jersey. Her parents wanted her to start off new from having to deal with problems at her old school. Little does she know she is living next door to Justin Bieber. Watch how both lives change for the better or for the worst!


19. Back "Home"


It was seven in the morning and I was waken up by the sound of my phone buzzing off. I looked at who would could it be.

J- Who is that calling so early?

God I loved his raspy voice..

The contact was "Chris" why was he calling me it's been almost a year since I've seen anyone from Jersey. Chris was my first love and we dated for a good year then after that he became a untrustworthy ass. Before my mom decided to move off to California he leaked my nudes all over the school and I caught him cheating on me with this Sam bitch. At that point I didn't care usually I would go back to him but that was the last straw for me.

I answered his call..

A- Chris?? I whispered

Justin knew about Chris and shot up a "are you kidding me look"
I grabbed Justin's shirt and went onto the patio 

C- Hey Aaliyah... um I know it's been a year since I hurt you and I just want to say I am truly sorry I didn't mean to hurt you.

A- If you didn't want to hurt me you would have never leaked out personal pictures of me and cheated but its okay I've moved on from it... it took a long time but I did

C- You know senior prom is this Friday and I was wondering if you were going to show up?

A- Shit! I promised I was going to go.. I promised Celina.. Yeah I will two ticket please?

C- Don't worry I got it covered... Aaliyah can we put this behind us be friends again?

A- Yea I can't say no to my first boyfriend and love of my life sadly.

C- Okay I'm excited to see you and again I'm sorry I hurt you in the past

A- The past is in the past..

With that I hung up and went back in my room to see Justin on his phone tweeting

J- Why did he call?

A- Um Justin I'm sorry but I'm still in love with Chris I'm going to be moving back to Jersey

J- Real funny Ali!!
I started laughing like crazy

A- He apologized and asked if I wanted to go to prom back at my high school I said yes. Only if you come with me.

J- Now I have of an amazing way to ask.

We kissed. A quick peck.

A- No Jay you've done enough for me how about just a question I don't need a fancy dinner or flowers or anything I'm Just happy we are going together

J- Okay Ali will you go to prom with me?

A- Yes.

With that I went straight back to sleep.

5 hours Later

Me and Ariwere going to the mall to pick out a dress for me but first I was starving!!
We decided to eat in the car because it was packed and Ariana's song came on.

Ali- Head in the clouds got no weight on my shoulders I should be wiser and realize that I got!

I turned to Ari and she was recording me!

Ari- And she thinks that she sounds bad... she sings it better than me!

She posted it on twitter, instagram, and vine with the caption

@AaliyahNicole can sing her ass off... Justin she's a keeper

Then Justin tweeted and reposted the video

@AaliyahNicole @ScooterBraun Maybe she needs a record deal soon ;) love you babe

Ali- I'm gonna kill you Ari I'm not even close to being as good as you or Justin 

We got my dress and I was in love with it. I went upstairs and started packing. Justin was watching TV laying on my bed.

I gave him a kiss and put the dress in my closet

J- No I want to see it

A- Ahh no you have to wait until prom day

J- How do I know what tie to buy and corsage 

A- I'll but the tie and my mom or Ariana will get the corsage

J- Fine.. why didn't you ever tell me you can sing like that! You don't sing for me!

Now in his arms he made me blush

A- Because your the singer and I'm not that good so I never really cared about it 

J- You have to do a duet with me one day

A- My dream isn't to be a singer I would rather watch you and go on the rode with you... but maybe one day just one duet

J- You know I love you right?

A- No I never knew.. how much?

J- I can show you better than I can tell you....

~Next Day~

 Everyone was flying out to see me at prom including my mom,dad,brother,Chaz,Ariana,Ryan, Daniel,and dome new girls I've met from Justin including Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Madison. The rest of my family lived in New Jersey and we kept our house there so we are all going to chill out there for the weekend.

The plane ride was loud so I tried to drift off on Justin's shoulder but couldn't help but to over hear Justin's convo with the guys.

R- Dude are you ready for prom.. this is your first ever?!

J- Yeah I missed mine I didn't really care though.

C- Are you going to do the annual thing everyone does after prom?

J- Um it's kind of up to her you know I'm down for it..

R- I've been wanting to ask for the longest Selena or Aaliyah is better?

J- You guys she's right here! But you didn't hear it from me but Ali.. I feel more special doing it with her. 

~At The house~

I left Justin the tie in the guest room and I just finished my make up I was nervous of seeing everyone from my old school. I wanted to look perfect..

My hair from prom looked like this:

And my prom dress looked like this not even my mother had saw it yet:

I was all ready and everyone was outside waiting for me

Ari- She's ready! Can everyone look this way!

When I walked into the back yard everyone's jaw dropped and I could see my mom starting to tear up 

Justin's P.O.V.

When Aaliyah walked through the doors it felt like the first day I met her when she walked down the stairs... I wouldn't have guessed in a million years today I would have found myself finding the person I want to live the rest of my life with.

A- Stop looking at me like that 

J- What I can't help it you look amazing! 

She started blushing

J- I see them dimples... are you ready?
We took a few more pictures and we were on our way to her high school.

A- If you don't want to do this just tell me we can leave and go out to dinner...?
J-No I never had a prom so im excited you seem like the nervous one?

We walked inside and everyone was staring at me and all of a sudden you hear a girl come screaming and running over to hug Aaliyah 

A- Omfg Celina I missed you so much! Celina meet Justin and Justin meet Celina

C- We all know who Justin Bieber is! You only told me he was your neighbor I didn't believe TMZ when they said you were dating!

A- Well now you know we are.. We dated for around 3 months then broke up for like 2 or 3 and now we got back together 

I gave her a kiss and smiled

J- Nice to meet you would two like something to drink? I'll let you two talk?

When I came back I saw Celina and her date, Aaliyah, and another guy and his date?

A- Thanks babe! Oh this is Chris.. you know him and the girl he cheated on me with. She whispered in my ear.

C- So I see you went from Chris to Mr. Justin Bieber?
A- Yup a total upgrade from a lying cheater.

I choked on my drink and Celina did the same

C- Didn't we put this behind us?

A- Anyway what colleges are you guys going to?

C- Staying close to home.. Delaware State

Chris- Miami University.. I saw you got accepted there too huh?
A- I'm thinking of going there to pursue my dream as a Obstetrician

Wow she never told me that. How are we going to work out if she is going to school across country! For some reason I was pissed that she didn't tell me this.

We were slow dancing to the song "All of Me"

J- Why didn't you tell me you were going to college?  

A- I kind of thought it was my choice and it didn't matter we would still be together

J- How do you expect us to work out if your living on campus with your douche bag ex boyfriend across the country!
A- You really think I would fall for him again! I sat here and went on tour and supported you through your dreams... sat in the studio for long hours...Went to every concert... dealt with some of your fan who hate me and you can't support me on the one thing I asked for as becoming a doctor?? Wow Justin! I'm ready to leave..

I ran after her and she was already in the car.

J- I'm sorry

She just stared out of the window the whole car ride to the hotel.


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